Staffy proof toys!

If you own a Staffordshire bull terrier you will know how many toys they can get through and more and more dog toy companies are using words like indestructible and tough so I thought I would let you know the toys that I have found to be really staffy proof!

1. Has to be the Chuck it balls, ultra/whistler/glow in the dark varieties, they are made of rubber so are good for them to chew without bursting and wrecking it as itbounces back into shape. They fit in the ball launchers and they bounce really well, these are Tess’s favourite and she’s a big chewer as she has a slight overbite so the vet says she will act like she’s ‘teething’ forever and she hasn’t managed to destroy one yet

Update all chuck its are still going strong and remain in one piece. The only time I’ve had to replace them is due to them being lost on walks. If you have a strong chewer these are the balls for you! I can’t recommend them highly enough and now my friends are all using them with their staffies/dogs and not one has been demolished!


2. Indoor chuck it balls are larger than the launcher balls and are made of tough foam then covered in material, they haven’t wrecked these so far but haven’t played with them heavy duty so jury is still out on these

Update see above update

IMG_0857 IMG_0858 IMG_4366 IMG_5083 IMG_5084

3. Starmark Durafoam ball, when I was told about these immediately I thought no way will they last more than 5 minutes being foam but they have really surprised me, they will give a couple of months of rough play before giving up the ghost.

Update these are still in one piece but they have hardly been played with
IMG_3670 IMG_3672 IMG_3673 IMG_3685 IMG_3678 IMG_3675

4. Interball – I can only comment on the original football sized interball as they have just released the smaller one but I have put it away for their Christmas so I will comment then about it. Back to the football sized one, it has a handle either side and is made out of the same material as rugby balls, that really tough rubber. This does look and feel indestructible but if the dog manages to get their teeth in the right area and puncture it then it doesn’t take long to get ripped. It is also very heavy and I found I couldn’t interact with it well due to the weight and I can’t play tug with the dogs so the handles had no use for me although the dogs liked holding it by the handles as it’s the only area they can get their mouth round it

Update the small inter ball lasted well it was easier for them to carry and they didn’t seem to want to destroy it as quickly as the large one and they could still play tug with the small one.

IMG_0833 IMG_0844 IMG_0976 IMG_0983 IMG_0988IMG_3482IMG_3481IMG_3499

5. Becoball, this looks like a hard rubber ball, it is made of natural rubber and rice husk so is environmentally friendly and non toxic for your dogs but it lasted Tess less than a minute before she destroyed half of  it

Update they have since recieved the beco rings as presents which again are eco friendly but don’t seem to be very strong (although there has been no damage inflicted yet)Coal or Tess don’t chew them though they carry them around and play tug with each other and they haven’t burst yet!

ball destroyer
ball destroyer


Kygen Invincibles 6 squeak snake, this claims that it keeps squeaking even when punctured, this is not the case 2 squeaks gone within half an hour so it got returned! However the seams are tough so not so easy to rip apart and no stuffing so no mess to pick up!

Update the replacement snake is still all squeaking as does the little pig I got them so I would recommend these, just check the squeaks before purchasing


one year on and still squeaking
IMG_3418 IMG_3423

7. Kong Classic treat toy, this is very strong but doesn’t interest either of my dogs, no matter what treats I put in it.

Update my dogs now love these! It took a while for them to get into it but now they get so excited when they see me filling it. I fill them with their meal biscuits and a few tasty treats then I ‘plug’ the end with coconut oil to stop the biscuits falling out as easily and it keeps mine occupied for around an hour each time. It’s available in a range of sizes. I started mine off on the puppy ones (blue) which even though a lot softer they still haven’t managed to wreck it but now they are on the extreme kings (black) which are a lot tougher and take more stuffing

8. Kong Wild Knots, if your dog loves plush toys but rips them apart then these are for you, the inside is made of ropes tied together then covered in plush fabric, mine play tug of war with theirs a lot and it is still in one piece 6 months later!

Update these are still a favourite


9. Kong Wubba, my dogs love these and the only thing the have damaged has been the circle of fabric that ties all the legs together, unfortunately when this is removed it makes destroying the inside much easier but it can easily be replaced if circle remains in one piece, if not just use a piece of string/ribbon/rope to tie around the legs of the wubba.

Update the heads are the easiest to rip off!

IMG_6116 IMG_6117  

 10. Kong Braidz, the arms and legs of these only lasted a few days but the main body braid is still in one pice so far


11. Kong tennis balls, although these are tougher than regular tennis balls they don’t last that much longer to warrant the price difference

IMG_5257 IMG_5259

12. Kong Jump n Jack, this holds treat sticks and made of heavy rubber, my dogs haven’t managed to destroy it, the only problem I have found with this is that the dogs can manage to get so much of the treat out before it breaks and remains in the toy which can prevent other treats going in.

13. Kong Squiggles, this is a plush toy with a squeak at each end and elastic for the body, this has actually lasted very well, mine have had them for 10months now and I have had to sew the head back on twice but the rest of it has held up well

Update these are still a favourite and although they have been repaired a few times it has just been restuffing, the elastic hasn’t broke

IMG_3726 IMG_6113

14. Kong squeak air dumbbell, this is well loved by my dogs and originally was Tanya’s ( my previous dog that passed in 2011) and it still has both squeaks although it is missing some of the yellow tennis ball fluff but apart from that is perfect

Update These are one of Coals favourite, he tries to copy the squeak noise whilst carrying it around so more have been purchased. If Tess gets her paws on it it doesn’t last that long!


 15. Kong on/off squeaker, this is a fantastic idea, it has a switch on it that turns off the squeak, and we have all had those moments when the squeak drives you daft! Unfortunately after a day the switch was broken!


15. Kong Safestix, again another fantastic idea to save dogs choking or hurting themselves on real sticks and this one lasts, my dogs have had theirs since 2011 and there’s hardly a mark on it

16. Pet face seriously strong rope ball, this lasted a week before starting to go but as it is rope I managed to save it so got about a month out of it in total

17. Boomer ball, this is made of hard plastic and is designed to be too large for your dog to fit in its mouth so they can only use their paws to move it hence it is still going strong, drives them crazy! so funny to watch

6" Boomer ball
6″ Boomer ball

18. Bento ball, this is fantastic it is made of non toxic rubber and fits treats in the centre so has been chewed a lot, by my dogs trying to get the treats out, for 10 months and there is only 1 tooth mark on it, definitely recommend although the replacement treats are expensive so I make my own using teacake moulds and a treat recipe from the Canine Chef ( a book that I wrote for Staffordshire Rescue Scotland with over 30 recipes for dogs including treats and meals, available at and the Just Dogs shop in Stockbridge, Edinburgh for only £7.50)

IMG_2712 IMG_2712

19. Stag bars, these are very tough chews but my dogs aren’t interested in them, which is maybe just as well as there has been a lot of reports of tooth damage to dogs, my vet said a good rule of thumb is if you press your fingernail into the toy and it doesn’t leave any indentation then it can cause damage to your dogs teeth

20. Tuffy squeaky strong ring, this has very strong seams and is still going strong after 2 1/2 years and the squeak still squeaks!


21. Grass ball, this is soft pliable rubber with grass like spikes on either side. It has a hole in the middle that you can stuff with treats. This is a great ball for chewers as due to the hole it won’t burst and the grass like spikes massage their gums whilst chewing.

IMG_6120 IMG_6121

22. Rope snake, this is long so great for 2 dogs to play tug with, it has a squeak in the head and the tail rattles and the body is a long rope covered in plush fabric. I have had to sew the head back on twice but it remains a playable toy


23. Kong Tugga, this is a nylon twist toy that has withstood a lot of chewing and tugging without damage so far!


24.Twisted ball, not sure what this is actually called but it is solid rubber tubes twisted together to make a ball. It is easy for the dogs to pick up but hard for them to chew!


25. Bottle toys, these are toys that cover an empty plastic bottle made of neoprene and the dogs love the sound that the bottle makes, they managed to rip the eyes off the salami one but that is the only damage so far

IMG_6114 IMG_6115

26. Nerf balls these have either a tennis ball or a crunchy sounding ball inside a tough rubber outer which makes it a lot stronger. These are much loved by my two and are very strong so far

27. Outdoor Dog large stuffed soft football with handles. Coal really loves this and although one of the handles gas ripped due to excessive tugging games between Coal and Tess it is more or less in one piece and has been played with a lot

28. Nylabones these are fantastic for chewers and keeps them busy for hours. They come in a variety of sizes and flavours although mine prefer the marrowbone one (white) which has marrowbone through the centre rather than the whole bone being flavoured like the rest. they also have bacon, cheese and a stick one. Their next favourite is the stick one

29. Treat balls. The lids where the treats come out didn’t last past the first play but the balls are still useable just the treats fall out a lot easier. In my opinion you are best making your own treat dispensing toys from bottles or toilet roll tubes rather than buy these see my other post on how to do d.i.y treat toys


30. Kong treat toys. My dogs like these but they are quiet expensive for what they are and one has been ripped. Again I think your best making your own

  31. Hide’n treat bone. This us not something they have all the time it gets put down when I fill it with treats then once they’ve finished it gets lifted again. They do live this but learned very quickly how to open the Velcro to remove the treats from the pockets. I don’t use it for months at a time to give them time to forget but they always work it out quickly. If you are going to buy brain training games like these and the wooden brain training games then I would recommend doing what I do. I buy some and my mum buys different ones and every few months we swap as they are expensive and once the dogs work it out it’s no longer working their brains

32. Pineapple thus is made from eco friendly hemp rope and has a plastic bottle inside to make a crunchy noise. It seems very tough but it’s early days with thus

33. Bra this is a toy from Harrodsburg and it isn’t strong at all but I thought it was just too funny not to give a mention!

34. Inter touch toys. These are very strong toys and come in a variety of designs and sizes

35. Kong jellies these toys have a protected squeak to make it harder to burst the squeak is located on the inner toy then the outer toy squeak hole is at the opposite end from the inner squeak hole. The squeaks do last longer than others (except the puncture proof squeaks from Kygen, the snake and pig mentioned in this post) and they love the jelly texture of the rubber and an added bonus us the irrational bounce when thrown.


36. Five senses ball this is now in competition with the chuck it balls! My dogs adore it and will play with it for hours. The ball smells and tastes of beef, has raised textured patterns on it for touch, it has a squeak as well as a bell inside for sound and is brightly coloured for sight. Tess burst the squeak in hers after two days of near constant play but luckily it still gas the bell inside. The balls have been chewed and chewed but haven’t burst I highly recommend this toy

37. Star Mark Bob a lot this treat toy us like a weeble (if you remember those kids toys – weebles wobble but they don’t fall down) you can control the amount of treats that fall out and the dogs love it


38. Pistachio Pets braided rope snake due to the loose braiding if this toy it stretches when they play tug with it. It has a leather tail and a squeak and crunchy bit in the head

39. Teeth cleaning toys these are made from cotton rope so when they fray they act like a floss cleaning between the dogs teeth. I also spray they toys with a tooth cleaner to help aid cleaning

 40. Kong squeak now this was given as a present to my dogs but I was only given one between them but as usual they both want to play with it at the same time do I have been searching for another but gave yet to find, so if you find one please let me know where so I can purchase another! These are just as strong as the kongs that you fill but has a squeak inside instead of filling it

 One toy to AVOID is the Giggle ball, this is a hard plastic ball which Tess destroyed but in the middle (the thing that makes it giggle) is a tube with little metal bits that your dog could swallow, making it really dangerous so if you have one make sure they are supervised when playing with it!!!

I want that ball!
I want that ball!


16 thoughts on “Staffy proof toys!

  1. Blimey vicky I didn’t realise there were so many tough toys available. I have a Westie who adores stuffed toys, and once she has spent the day removing athe stuffing and spreading it around the house, the outer toy fur stays for years even going through the washing machine a few times. I know her mouth is not as strong as your dog’s, however being a terrior and bread for ratting,fox hunting, they tend to shake the toys from side to side, so I guess the hunting skills are still there as mine has caught 2 rats this year and it’s a grab behind the neck and a shaking action I have never seen before, she obviously broke their necks, but didn’t cause damage. Will try to see which one is suitable for her as loves her Kong esp when stuffed with raw meat. Thanks. Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the EE network. From: vickyandherstaffiesSent: Tuesday, 30 September 2014 21:03To: alison.pearson11@ntlworld.comReply To: vickyandherstaffiesSubject: [New post] Staffy proof toys!

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    vpark3 posted: “If you own a Staffordshire bull terrier you will know how many toys they can get through and more and more dog toy companies are using words like indestructible and tough so I thought I would let you know the toys that I have found to be really staffy pro”

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  2. yeah i save all the stuffing and restuff them a couple of times before giving up, but if i throw away a piece of the outer, the dogs take it back out, they won’t let me throw it away lol


  3. I brought Bear home with me from Australia 2 years ago and she is my 5th Staffy. I have had trouble finding anything that interests her but which lasts more than 10 minutes since I got back – best is a chicken flavoured plastic bone which we got at Tescos. She has one here and one at Mums, and they are both a year or more old and in daily use for chewing. Heard good report about the Aussie Staffy ball before we left, but not sure if she would be interested anyway – she really loves to destroy things, and she has a hard rubber ball with a bell in the middle and ignores it. She has one toy from Australia which she loves – a rubber six pronged thing which is hard to describe. Two prongs are chewed off but she loves it. She is nearly seven, and the toy came with her when I got her at eighteen months old as a rescue dog, so I wish I knew where to find another!

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    1. I haven’t seen a 6 pronged toy but my mum got my dogs a 3 pronged ball by Pet Planet called Trypod but it’s an American toy that she won in an auction and my dogs love it so we tried to find another one but can’t find it even online but you might be able to find it in Australia? It’s their favourite Christmas toy and it hasn’t succumbed to any damage yet! Lol


  4. We have a 6 month old staffy/shar pei mix and ever since he got all his adult teeth in its been nearly impossible to find a toy that lasts. He especially loves soft toys. .. I’ll try to find that tuffy squeak ring .

    We actually got him the kong wubba a few days ago and he absolutely loves it. But the top part only lasted a few minutes. I removed the remains of the tennis ball from in there. There are still 2 legs/strips on it,though I believe they will get destroyed in another day. Otherwise the squeaker is still as strong as ever.


  5. Hi,
    Just curious, what size toys did you buy as there seems to be many different size ? We are in the process of adopting a rescue Staffie and looking at toys to buy once we have been ok’d as he seems to enjoy chewing through the lead each time we go to the rescue centre to take him for a walk 😆


    1. I usually buy the large or sometimes the medium for my female who destroys toys as the larger ones are tougher. Staffies are strong chewers and do destroy toys easily even the so called indestructible ones. The toys I have listed gave lasted the longest but are by no means indestructible. Mine also like soft toys so I keep the squeaks and the stuffing and refill and stitch the toys. Also check out my brain training post
      this ball is really good
      And here are some ideas for free toys and recycling old toys
      Good luck with your new Staffy they really are a fantastic breed and thank you for rescuing instead of buying xx


  6. Here’s a toy to try: Good Boy Tetra. Every time we’ve visited the rescue centre to take Charlie out, he runs to this toy first in the play pen area. The other toy he loves is called JW Invincible chain – the three ring chain is one he plays with. We have these on our list of toys to get if we are able to adopt him

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  7. Hi Vicky,

    After reading this blog I thought I’d give a few of these toys a go, hoping something would stop my 4 month old staffy from chewing DVD’s, candles and anything else she can get her naughty paws on!

    The Kong dumbbell and Kyjen squeaky pig lasted all of about 10 minutes for me. But the Nylabones, Chuckit balls and Kong treat toys seem to be lasting so far!!


  8. Hi Vicky,

    Great blog!!

    I’m looking for a toy that will last more than an evening for Stitch my 8 1/2 month old Staff/Mastiff, which as I’m sure you will understand is a very very hard task!

    Kong tennis balls have an average life of 4 or 5 throws whilst normal tennis balls last just 1 throw. With his other toys I’m finding it harder to distinguish which is durable and which isn’t, as if he seems to take a liking to a toy it can last weeks until one day he’s fed up with it and after a 10 minute crazy period all that’s left are scraps.

    Which would you say was the most durable toy, so heavily played with but still alive? I have found the kong toys can last longer than most but he does sometimes get bored of littering my house with fluff and takes to eating it which I find concerning.

    So if you have any suggestions 🙂

    Ben & Stitch


    1. Ball wise I wouldn’t go past chuck it medium size balls as they fit in the launchers for outdoor play as well as able to withstand a good chew Boomer balls are also really good and when they get scratched up you can take a sander over then to smooth them again I’d go for the 8″ for mine so prob a 10″ for yours as mine are small staffies but my friend has large staffies and they’re on the 10″ also the nylabones are really long lasting chew wise and the original kings you can stuff with treats keep them amused hope this is helpful xx


  9. Hello, Vicky!
    Really useful review!
    We also have a lot of useful information in addition to high quality Staffy equipment. Maybe you will be interested in trying our toys. 🙂


  10. Wow! Love it!
    Thank you so much for detailing and showing all these toys. I can see it’s an older post but I have searched ebay and all the toys are still available. I’m in Australia and we have just got a 9week old English Staffy Boy we also have a 3yr old girl so hoping to get toys they can play with together. Thanks again for all the great info.

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