How to recycle old dog toys

Again with the objective of saving money, these are a few ideas that I came up with to re-use wrecked dog toys and still give your dogs the same amount of fun!

1. Old rope toys – once these are untwisted by the dogs, I put them aside until I have a few to use at the same time, then depending on the amount I have managed to save you can either twist 2 or 3 old ropes together to make a new one, if using 3 old toys I pleat them together as I find this lasts longer than twisting them together. If you have a lot you can tie 2 or more together at the ends before twisting/pleating to make the recycled one longer.

2. Solid rubber balls – these are great for chewers and are great when they’re smooth and new but it doesn’t take long before they are covered in teeth marks making the outer surface jaggy, which inside can catch your clothes or soft furnishings and outside the dirt gets stuck within the teeth marks making it unhygienic whilst out until you can get home and wash it but even after washing the dirt can be so ingrained that some residue is left. So when the balls get into this state, I put it in an old sock and tie it close to the ball to make a great outdoor lobber.

3. Plush toys – you have 3 options with soft toys, you can sew as soon as you see a hole has appeared, you can stitch back up ommitting the stuffing or you can stitch it up with an empty plastic bottle instead of stuffing. I usually sew up the holes a few times before re stitching the whole toy without stuffing or with bottle. If you are stitching without stuffing I don’t recommend putting the squeaker back in as the dogs will rip it open as they can feel the squeaker!


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