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I haven’t blogged in a long time simply because I have been so busy making lots of new designs of paracord dog collars, leads and bracelets, that I sell to raise funds for dog rescues in the UK and doing my volunteer work for Staffie rescues. I have lots to write about as I have written in so long but thats for another post….

Making the items to sell in my Etsy shop helps take my mind off the constant pain I endure and makes me feel like I am contributing to society, giving me purpose in my life, as I may not be able to physically go to work, or go out and actually rescue the dogs and transport them and now I’ve had to give up fostering dogs due to my back condition again. I was feeling useless, so by crafting items I can pick them up when able and put them down when I’m too sore, ready to go back to when I can, whilst raising money to donate to dog rescues in the UK

Anyway back to all the new items Ive been making….I’ve added paracord bracelets so you can have a matching ‘friendship’ bracelet with your pet or show your support for charity/sports team/superhero or just as an attractive benefit that can be used in survival situations. Here are the latest ones I’ve made


Some of the new collars I have been making, I am also offering smaller collars for cats and rabbits now.


I also have some new reflective buckles, paracord colours and charms including Suicide Squad and Super heroes

Cancer Awareness keyring, this one for breast cancer but can be done in any colour



and finally I’ve been working on some Halloween items


You can also view my latest designs on Instagram by searching –  canine_couture_crafts

but where can you purchase them? Simple just click this link – 

or you can also order via Facebook here –


Your 2 pence is welcome here

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