Disability aids that help with dog ownership

We are all used to different aids to help us, if we are disabled, but sometimes we get used to using the aid for 1 job and forget that it can help us with other actions. Well that’s what I have found anyway!

I Use my pick up stick to pick up dog toys in the house to be able to play with them

I get the dogs to jump up on my shower stool to get their harnesses on to go a walk and to remove the harnesses after, so it is ideal for this as it is wipe clean so it doesn’t matter about muddy paw prints! This saves me bending down to the dogs level, I do the same if their ears need cleaned, brushing their teeth and coat.

I have also invested in the following other aids to help me  with dog ownership –

1. Poo pick up stick – I can use this without getting off my mobility scooter and it saves me bending


2. Ball launcher – this is great if I am in a lot of pain, which can be exasperated by going over bumps in the pavement, on the scooter, as it means I don’t have to travel as far in the scooter, just to the nearest open grassy area and throw the ball for the dogs over and over again. The launcher enables me to throw the ball further with less pain and it also saves me bending to pick up the ball. I use two balls so when they come back with one the other is ready to throw, this gives them enough exercise without me being in more pain than I already am. Just because I’m disabled doesn’t mean the dogs should get any less exercise.


3. Water fountain – this has a charcoal filter in it so refreshes the water as it goes round giving a constant water fall, which means I don’t have to bend several times a day to refresh their water. I chose the Platinum version as it is the only one to have a pre filter that stops hairs etc going into the motor and breaking it!

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain
PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain


4. Raised dog bowl stand – this saves me bending as low to feed the dogs as well as benefitting their digestion.


5. I use my mobility scooter to walk the dogs so they get different smells

6. I also have a walking stick that has a light on the handle that you wind up instead of battery operated. This means in Winter with the dark nights that i don’t have to carry a torch with me so I have more hands free. Also the dogs have light up collars and light up balls.

IMG_6108IMG_6061 IMG_6062 IMG_6063


7. My everyday walking stick is by Flexyfoot. The ferrule turns all the way round and you can nearly put the stick flat on the floor and the ferrule stays flat as it bends, this is great to prevent falls.

Flexyfoot walking stick
Flexyfoot walking stick

IMG_3145 IMG_3146


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