Beautiful Dinky Binkys Blog – Senior Staffy Club

Hiya who are you? Are you coming to take me home? I can’t wait for all the new adventures I’ll have with you, all the new smells and places to visit, I like to keep busy there’s always something to do….oh by the way I’m Binky!

 I better tell you a bit about myself …well I’m 8 or 9 years old and I think I went and got myself lost! So I’m now in the Senior Staffy Club. I know I’m very lucky to be in the club, but I’m bored in kennels. I like being out and about investigating things



  My walkers say I’m a pleasure to walk, but do get distracted very easily but with so many rustles in hedges needing checked out what’s a girl to do?!

Even though I’m a young senior I does have a bit of arthur-itis in my back legs which sometimes makes me hop with my go-lightly gait but I get medicine which helps lots which is good when I’ve got so much to do! 

I’m a petite girl and skinny to boot cause I’m always running around but I’m putting on a bit of weight and starting to get my figure back!

 I adore a fuss as well and have lots of love to give, I hope  your the person that I can give it to! If you are please contact my furiend Nikki on 07870 392164

Really hope to meet you soon

Lots of love 

Binky xxx



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