easy DIY brain training games

As you may know from some of my previous posts, that Coal doesn’t like to eat his breakfast out of a bowl! He likes it made into a game so I saved all my toilet roll and kitchen roll tubes (and got my friends to save theirs as well!)I fold one end of the tube and fill it with dry complete meal biscuits. This worked well so then I filled a few toilet roll tubes and hid them around the house then told the dogs to find them. The only problem with using toilet roll tubes is that you go through so many as the dogs rip them up to get to the food. Plus I have to go around behind the dogs picking up all the ripped cardboard which isn’t very good for my back, even whilst using the pick up stick!

I had shared this with my friend and she came up with an extension to the toilet roll by using an empty plastic bottle with holes cut out of it, then filled with the amount of complete food the dog would normally get for their meal, so your not having to use several toilet roll tubes. The bottle can be reused as well the following days as they don’t need to rip it apart, as the food falls out the holes.

As this is the first day I have gave them the bottle, I put three holes in it – 2 at one side and 1 at the opposite side in the middle of the 2 on the other side and I also made the holes slightly larger than I normally would, so they get used to it, rather than getting frustrated and giving up! As they get more and more used to it I will decrease the size of the holes and eventually decrease the amount of holes to make it more difficult, so they use their brain more.

here is a video I made this morning I hope you enjoy it


5 thoughts on “easy DIY brain training games

  1. yeah you’ve got to keep an eye on them so they don’t hurt themselves, i have some toys that have no stuffing that you place empty bottles in to stop the sharp plastic cutting them but this is obviously no good for putting the food in. with the toys my dogs really chew the bottles but they haven’t been chewing the ones with the food in….yet anyway as they worked out quickly that by rolling it the food comes out but i will still keep an eye on them and if they do start chewing the bottle i will revert to the toilet roll tubes x

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