Free dog toys

lots of things around the house can be made into toys that your dog will have hours of fun with – they don’t know if you’ve spent a fortune on toys or nothing they just know it’s fun!

1. Bicycle tyres (washed first) make great outdoor toys, you can throw them, tug them, put over dogs neck and let them work out how to get it off. You can also cut into lengths to make smaller tug toys.

2. Cardboard boxes! Mine love ripping the boxes into shreds, which is also good for their teeth, or jumping into the box if it’s big enough and hiding in it

3. Plant pots – my male Coal loves playing with them, throwing them up in the air and tearing up plant pots, he has done this since I got him, I think he likes them so much due to the noise they make and as he knows he’s not meant to! Lol he’s a cheeky boy and so funny!

DSCN4720 DSCN4721 DSCN4726 DSCN4725 DSCN4724 DSCN4723

4. Plant pots again – but this time, use two upturned then place a spare walking stick over them making an agility jump, the walking stick will roll off at some point so have your pick up stick handy to aid in retrieving it.

5. Garden bamboo canes can be stuck in the grass at opposite angles facing outwards to create a V shape and voila you have an agility slalom for your dog to walk in between

6. Sand pit and paddling pool. Use old kids sand pits or an old sink or baby bath, fill with sand or water. Paddling pools are great for keeping the dogs cool on hot days and they love to dig in the sand – saves them digging up the garden!

IMG_0601 IMG_0605 IMG_0613


7. empty plastic bottles make great toys just make sure that you remove the circular seal under the bottle top so that it doesn’t catch your dogs lips.

8. Balloons! you can pick these up from shops giving away helium ones as promotion or just blow up some yourself, dogs love watching them bounce and being stuck on the wall/ceiling with static really confuses them but once they get their paws on them they don’t last long!

IMG_3428 IMG_3426

9. Bubbles, I use bacon flavoured dog bubbles that don’t burst as quickly but normal bubbles are fine. I use a bubble machine outside for them or blow them in the house, they love them and its fun for you too.



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