***Introducing episode one of the adventures of Buddy*** Stay tuned for more episodes and info throughout the day and please please share like crazy and help our Buddy find the perfect home. ❤️🐾 
We have a very special guest running our page today. His name is Buddy and here is his tail (oops we mean tale). Buddy has had an extremely tough start in life as we believe he was used for dog fighting. He is covered in scars and when he first came in his ear was hanging off and had to be stitched back on. 
Despite that he adores humans and just wants to be loved. 
This boy is not without some training needs as you would expect. He’s never been shown how to live happily alongside humans. He doesn’t like being left as he loves you so much. However we know the right person will help him learn all he needs to know and our behaviourist Charlene will be on hand to help every step of the way. 
Throughout today Buddy and his friend Charlene who has him for the weekend to recover from his big boy operation and to do some intensive behavioural work at The Hayloft Pet Services will keep you updated on his progress and also what kind of home he needs. For more info on Buddy call Charlene anytime on 0777 191 4583 or email us on seniorstaffyclub@hotmail.co.uk 
Here is Buddy feeling sorry for himself in his cone of shame when Charlene collected him form the vets yesterday. Isn’t he stunning!!! ❤️

***Episode two in the adventures of Buddy!***
Buddy had scrambled egg and rice for his dinner last night and this morning. With the daily newspaper of course. Well he is at at The Hayloft Pet Services doggie hotel! And his tummy is a bit sensitive following his anaesthetic bless him. 
Despite that we are VERY proud to report he was clean overnight!! ❤️ Although he does have a thing about knocking his water bowl over. And he then likes to thrash about on his back rubbing himself in the water! Crazy boy. 
Buddy barks when he’s left as he forms bonds very quick and doesn’t want to be away from you. We can only imagine that this gentle giant has never felt love in his eight years of life, from the scars he bears, so him craving attention is not really a surprise. This is NOT to say he can’t ever be left. Just that his new owner will need to be willing to work on his separation anxiety and build him up. Our behaviourist will give you all the support you need to achieve this. 
When Buddy is with you all he wants to do is sit on your lap. He hasn’t quite worked out he’s a bit too big to be a lap dog!! 
Here’s some photos to go with his diary. Please keep sharing this boy. We are determined to find a suitable experienced (and strong!) owner who will work with him like he needs and love him like he so deserves. 
For more info on Buddy call Charlene on 0777 191 4583 or email us on seniorstaffyclub@hotmail.co.uk xx

***episode three in the adventures of Buddy*** 
Buddy still barks a little when left but he’s starting to settle in (or maybe he’s losing his voice haha). He’s had a little calm on lead walk which he loved and lots and lots of cuddles which he just can’t get enough of. He loves tummy rubs and will throw himself on the floor when he sees you. 
He’s not easy to get in and out as he gets overexcited and jumps around a lot but he soon calms down. We are practicing coming in and out every half an hour and he seems to be showing a little improvement already. 
Buddy will definitely need some training but in the right hands we at The Hayloft Pet Services think he will make a wonderful loving pet. 
Call Charlene for more info on 0777 191 4583 or email us on seniorstaffyclub@hotmail.co.uk 
Please please keep sharing buddy’s adventures and let’s help him find that special someone to love and be loved xx

Episode four in the adventures of Buddy! 🐶
Buddy gets quite unsettled by any new noises or things he can’t see. We can’t begin to imagine what this poor chap has been through in his past.
He will need someone who can learn how to settle him down and who also has some ear plugs. 😂 
He really does need a strong confident and experienced owner but the love this boy has to offer is second to none. I’ve never had so many cuddles. 
And He’s sooooo handsome! We think Buddy is a Staffy cross Rottweiler. We call him Buddy the Bear. 
If you have experience of training large breeds could Buddy be the dog for you. The endless love this gorgeous dog has to offer will be worth the hard work. Xx

Buddy loves cuddles so much. He has to be physically covering you with as much of his big body as possible! 😂❤️

More Buddy cuddles. They’re never ending! 
If you like cuddles and a rewarding challenge in life buddy could be the perfect match for you. 🐶❤️
He’s had the worst imaginable past. Could you make his future the best? 

Hi friends. I’m finally learning what a kong is 😊 it’s filled with peanut butter, tasty! 
Please keep sharing my sad story and help SSC make it a very happy ending for me. Xx

***Buddy’s adventures are finished for today.****
Buddy just wanted to say thank you to everyone who shared his sad story. He’s really getting the hang of this Kong chewing and he’s already started to settle in. His barking has reduced and he’s getting better at being left already. What a difference a day makes. We really think in the right hands Buddy will make an amazing family pet. 
His scars tell a bad tale but together we can make it better again. 
Night world. See you tomorrow. Love Buddy Bear xxx

Check back tomorrow to find out more about gorgeous Buddy…..

***The adventures of a Buddy at The Hayloft Pet Services continues! ***
Please keep sharing and help Buddy find the home he so deserves. ❤️
Good morning world. Sorry I’m a bit late this morning. I’ve been mainly snuggling up to my friend Charlene all morning. I really do love my cuddles. I’ve also learnt what a stag bar is for and between that and my Kong I’m having a lovely time chewing away. 
I’ve calmed down a bit today and stopped barking as much. I really do feel in the right hands I would be a perfect pet in no time at all.
Today I will be starting to learn how to take treats gently and to put my harness on calmer. I’m enjoying all this learning. One thing I don’t need to learn is how to give the best cuddles ever. Have a look at my pictures of how I get right on your lap and hold your hand. 
Have a great day. I’ll be back soon to tell you how my day goes. 


Buddy Bear xx

Buddy said Let me in the front door!!! Else I’ll open it myself 😂😜 Cheeky little monkey xx

Buddy loves the SSC van ❤️ he gets in and out no problem at all, although he said he would like to sit in the front too. Little monkey! 😂

For more info on this loveable funny little tinker contact Charlene on 0777 191 4583 or visit our website http://www.seniorstaffyclub.co.uk/buddy

***Buddy’s adventures continue with lesson – recall***
Today at The Hayloft Pet Services we’ve been working on Buddy’s recall. As you can see he’s doing absolutely amazing! 
If you think you could carry on with Buddy’s training on either a foster or furever basis please give Charlene a call on 0777 191 4583 or visit our website for more info. 



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