Easy to make dog toys

We all know the rate dogs can go through toys and that it can cost a fortune to replace them, this is especially the case when you are unable to work, through no fault of your own, as money is tight and needs to be spent on help for ourselves, like carers etc. so I have came up with some toys that are so simple to make, you’ll wish you’d known about them before, I have also written 3 other posts on how to recycle old dog toys, easy & free dog brain training games and free dog toys so have a look when you have a minute please. All these posts will be added to when I come up with new ideas so don’t forget to check back at a later date!

Old Socks – the added benefit of using old worn items of your clothing is that the dog will smell you on the clothes so can help them settle when left alone.

1.  Twist or pleat 2 or 3 socks together to make like a rope tug toy tieing off each end so it doesn’t unravel.

2. Collect stuffing from old toys or if you don’t have any, use more socks and stuff them into a sock, you can stuff as much or as little as you need for a suitable sized toy for your breed of dog, then tie the end. You can also put in a squeaker from an old toy, if you can put up with endless squeaking! Lol Then put the stuffed sock into another sock and tie (at the opposite end from the first socks tie, so you put the filled sock in knot end first) then repeat with a third sock and tie this end off a few times as this knot will be exposed to the dog, and hey presto a cheap easy stuffed toy for your dog.


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