Buff Bill’s Blog 

I’m buff, I’m bodacious, I’m beautiful…..I’m Bill, the one and only, and I is very pleased to meet you’s orl!

This is my story that my luverly frosty mum would like to tell you, so over to my PA sorry frosty mum – 

Bill came to stay with us on a very cold wet October day scared out of his wits not knowing where he was going or what would happen to him when he got there when he arrived he was a very scared skinny scrap and you could see all his bones and in the time he has been here he has changed so much from the skinny little scrape he was into dog who would go to hell and back for us he is still afraid of other dogs and some men as he still needs to trust them but he is funny ,happy, loving ,he does not like birds ,cats, and most other dogs he would need to be the only pet in the home as he is here 

.. He is loving , playful ,clever ,he likes his food on time if it is not he reminds you

He is a good house dog

Right frosty mum it’s my blog so my turn bhahaha! Here is a video I made I’z hopes you enjoy it!

Well where to start, telling you orl about me I am approximately 8/9 years of age and I am nervous at first but loving as soon as Iz gets used to you! As my frosty mum says I needs to be da only dog in the house  but  Iz ok with space when walking,  and would need to live with children 16 years and over due to my nervousness only but cats no thank you!

I feel so much better now than when I arrrived at the kennels. I was very frightened then of everything… my frosty parents have taught me that I don’t need to be scared so much!

I also don’t mind being left for a few hours now, which I didn’t like before 

I walk nicely on my lead now, too, especially on a harness, and I love meeting people when I’m out and about.



I like all my food, I’m not too fussy, and I’m beginning to put on a bit of weight, as I was a real skinny-minny before!


Oh, just one thing though: I can open doors, and I can jump quite high, so you need some high fences to keep me in LOL!


All in all, my frost mom says, I’m turning into a lovely boy. She says she’ll be sad and happy to see me go; you humans are very strange.



Anyway, I hope to meet you soon!

Who knows, we may fall in love at first sight,  Please can you share my posts today to help my forever hoomans find me, I’m lost no hope here!


Lots of staffylicious love

From Bill xx



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