G-Hold Review

The G-Hold is an innovative new product that aids in holding your iPad or tablet. It has been designed and manufactured in Scotland. There are 4 models – the mega hold, the micro suction and one on a brown leather iPad case that comes in the standard size and the iPad mini size. The mega hold sticks permanently onto your tablet whereas the micro suction one can be removed when needed without leaving any residue marks.


I got the micro suction one as I wanted to put it on my case rather than directly on to the iPad so I could use it without removing it from the case. The micro suction needs a smooth surface to apply it to, like the back of the iPad/tablet, but it comes with 2 circular stickers that you can apply to textured surfaces like leather, then you stick the micro suction to the sticker.

The centre of the  G-Hold pops up so you can insert your fingers through the gap to hold your tablet with one flat hand, and once your finished using it, it folds back flat so tablet can be stored easier. The G-Hold also rotates 360 degrees and can be held upside down to take photos etc. the promotional video shows the iPad being used by kids on a trampoline ( as you do!) the suction really grips on tight making holding your tablet very secure


I wanted to try the G-Hold as I thought it would be good for disabled and/or elderly, and it hasn’t been marketed towards these groups. My hand grip is fine but for someone with arthritis in their hands or fingers this would be a godsend as your fingers won’t lock, bent. The main use I thought it would help me with is when I fall, I am always paranoid that I will drop my iPad and break it. Since having the G-Hold I have fell twice when using it and each time was able to raise my arm without paying any attention to what position the iPad was in. When I fell before I got this I had to concentrate on what was happening with my pad to make sure I didn’t  drop it or knock it into something like a door or table, but now I have more time to find something to grab onto with my free hand to prevent me falling to the ground, knowing that my iPad is safe.

G-Hold inventor

I preferred the idea of the micro suction G-Hold so that if I change my case or upgrade my iPad in a few years then I can swap the G-Hold onto the new and also as it leaves no residue marks, it means I can sell the iPad when I replace it. With the permanent Mega hold one I’d have to sell it along with the iPad and buy a new one for the replacement pad. The ones on the leather cases are lovely looking and the leather case is made by fashion brand Bohemia, the leather looks very high quality but I have so many cases already that the micro suction model made more sense for me as I can then swap it onto whichever case I am using at that moment, especially as it comes with the stickers for applying to textured surfaces, although this wasn’t advertised, so I only found out when I opened the packaging.

image image

To to sum up I think this product would be useful for most people of all ages, but it is extremely good if you have problems gripping, if you fall a lot or just if you find your tablet awkward to hold at times. I love it and wouldn’t be without it now. It is great for reading, watching movies, surfing the web but the thing I like it most for is taking photos as you can hold it at whichever angle you want safely due to the rotational function. If you have a tablet this is definately worth investing in. I give it 5/5 stars.

For more information on this fantastic product or to purchase one check out their website – http://www.g-hold.com it can also be purchased via Amazon and eBay. All photos in this blog were taken from the G-Hold website and are their property.


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