Selfie stick review

I got a selfie stick on eBay, not for taking selfies of myself but of the dogs!

image image

I got it as every time I want to take a photo of one of my dogs, I usually have to move and the second I do so the dogs move, meaning I miss the shot! This is very frustrating, which is why I bought this selfie stick.

Tess's selfie
Tess’s selfie
Coal's selfie
Coal’s selfie
Harley's selfie
Harley’s selfie

The selfie stick I went for is the one without the seperated remote control for two reasons – 1. The one I got has the shutter button on the handle instead of the remote which means I can take photos with one hand and 2. It has a USB charger cable whereas the one with the remote needs its batteries replacing.

It is very easy to set up and pairs with the Bluetooth on your phone via the settings tab. It has an on/off switch at the end of the handle. You can use either the front or rear cameras and it has a mirror that sits behind the phone so when you are using the rear camera you can see what is in the frame. It extends from 235-1005mm and is made from stainless steel with a rubberised handle. It can be screwed directly into your phone ( which I haven’t tried yet) or by screwing the clamp into it the placing your phone/camera in the clamp. The clamp has 3 secure handles, one either side and one on the top, each with protective neoprene so your phone/camera doesn’t get damaged. The clamp has 12 angle positions for the perfect photo. It comes in black, pink, green, blue, orange and white. I chose the black so that if the handle shows in the photo it doesn’t stand out. It takes an hour to reach full charge and with a complete charge it will last roughly 100 hours!

It is brilliant if you have mobility problems as due to the extender you don’t have to leave your seat to get great photos and by turning off the shutter sound on my phone the dogs don’t even realise that you’ve taken a photo of them! So you can catch them unawares like in the following photos

Harley chewing a treat
Harley chewing a treat

I only wish that I had thought of using the selfie stick for the dogs photos earlier!


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