I was asked by several people to start this blog. I am 36 years old and have been living with a disability which severly affects my mobility, due to a car accident, for the last 8/9 years. I live with 2 dogs – 1 male staffie/patterdale cross and 1 female staffie, both are rescues. Coal, my male, was born with cataracts so thick that he was blind but the Dogs Trust got him 2 cataract operations by an ophthalmologist in Edinburgh so he now has full sight albeit a bit blurry, if he was human he’d wear glasses! Tess, my female, came to me as a foster, from Staffordshire Rescue Scotland, at 10 months old, she was a quivering wreck when she arrived on my doorstep as she’d been locked in a crate for 12 hours a day, never been toilet trained or even outside to go for a walk! She ate and toileted in her crate and on top of that a toddler used to terrorise her by poking a brush handle through the crate at her so she still cowers when I use a brush or anything similar. She came out her shell quickly with love and training. I ended up adopting Tess as her and Coal had fell in love and hated being separated. My parents own 2 cats, 2 dogs & 2 birds so whilst I was still fostering Tess I thought it would be a good idea to give her through to my parents for a weekend to see how Tess got on with cats that are used to dogs (she doesn’t like cats!) but what we found was neither Coal or Tess would eat or go a walk, they just sat at the door whining, so Tess only lasted 1 night away from us so then I knew I had to adopt her. The bond between the dogs is lovely and I wouldn’t be without either of them, they bring such joy to my life and help me in so many ways.

I would love to review either disability aids or anything dog related and will give you an honest opinion from 2 staffies and would be willing to write a review for your blog/Facebook/website in return for keeping the item I was trialling for you. Getting staffie approval is a high accolade! The review can be written either in my words or in doggy language, vis a vie dog Facebook pages like Tess & Coals –  https://www.facebook.com/tesscoal.park?ref=ts&fref=ts


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  1. Thanks for the follow! You have such strength and perseverance much more than I would ever have. You have a very inviting voice within your writing, I can see how easy it is to become friends with you through the written word, your voice comes through so clearly. 🙂

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