Vibrant Victor’s Sunday Blog Day

Ooo I’m so happy that da sun is starting to come out more as I hate da cold weather, so have to wear a coat on walks or I refoose to go, even though I love my walks you’ve got to dress for the weather ya know, and when you can rock a coat like I can, why not be up to date with the fashions?!


I was in the pound last year and it was scary, noisy, lonely and cold, so as you can ‘magine I was not a happy chappy there, then Senior Staffy Club came to my rescue and took me to their special kennels where I was warm and got walked every day but I was still stressed and was a skinny little thing so Senior Staffy Club found me a luverly frosty mum who gave me lots of loving cuddles, great food and fanstaffietastic walks and I put on weight so could have my nootering operashun and even got my teefies cleaned so I’m all spick and span for my forever home I’m just waiting on that speshal someone to find me! Is it you?!

Did I mention I like my treats and take them nicely

I enjoy my walks and say hello to everyone I meet

But I’m a lazy monkey so my fave place is my bed I love to get cosy and have mastered getting my blanket over me so I’m toasty warm, I do like a lie in in the morning and do get a bit grumpy when my frosty mum tries to get me out so she’s nicknamed me Victor Meldrew.

I enjoy car rides too it’s great chance for me to chatter, just to keep you company you understand

I’m sitting in the car waiting for you to come to me home so please give Sonia a ring on 07954 440155 to arrange a meeting with me


I’m dreaming of meeting you that’s why I love my bed so much cause I’m dreaming of you, hope to meets you very soon

Lots of Staffy snuggles

Victor xx


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