Captain Skippers Sunday Blog

Hi all my names Skipper aka Captain Skipper as I know how to steer you right! 

I am 8 years of age and an extremely handsome boy with my beeootiful red coat, perfect Staffy body and my dashing good looks how could anyone pass me by?! I am slightly nervous of new things at the moment and unfortunately everything is new to me just now. It was a big shock for me to go into kennels after living my whole life with my fur brother who was a chihuahua. I was lost and didn’t know what to do with myself but I settle quickly and just adore cuddles. I can live with other dogs as I have in the past but I can be selective so would need a few meetings before taking the plunge but I think this goes for anyone I mean you wouldn’t move in with a stranger before getting to know them would you?! Cats are a different story tho I’m not selective with them I just don’t like cats full stop. I have lived with children before but seen as I’m a bit nervous just now Senior Staffy Club recommend older children

Now many of you may know this (as I know lots of you donated to my veterinary work by taking part in my high fiver fundraiser and I’d like to thank you very much for that and showing me that although you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting my fine self it didn’t stop you caring about me and that warms this boys heart! You are very caring and generous people’s to helps me with that and I would like to send you all some super senior Staffy kisses for all your help.) not long after I arrived in Senior Staffy Clubs kennels I became very poorly with an abscess on my ahem derrière and my left eye was found to be needing removed also, this was due to an old head injury. As you can see losing my eye doesn’t detract from me handsomeness!

 The upside of being poorly though is that after my operations I went into a luverly foster home to recover, which has helped no ends as I am healing very well, but unfortunately I can’t stay here forever so would really like to find my retirement home before my foster home stay comes to an end and I have to return to kennels. These following photos is me arriving in my new foster home, don’t I look ecstatic to be in a home environment again?!

This is me foster dad showing me the ropes, mainly that the couch is his and I can get up and join him if there’s room not the other way around! But I’m sure with a bit more training I can get him to reverse this rule….what do you think? Us boys have gotta stick together after all….!

Did I mention how much I love cuddles?

And I certainly have got the lazy Sunday’s down


found the sun spot like any self respecting staffy would!
no shame!
Anyhoo got some more laying about to be doing before my next post of Skipper Sunday so I’ll let you digest my good looks!

Please can you do me the humongous favour of sharing my posts today as as I said my foster home is not an open invitation so I really need to find my forever family. If that’s you please contact my Senior Staffy Club furiend Sonia on 07954 440 155 or clicky da linky below that takes you to my very own web page!skipper/cth5


Your 2 pence is welcome here

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