Gorgeous Gertie’s blog day

Hiya everypawdy, Gertie here. I’m new to Senior Staffy Club but was with another rescue for three years! Can you believe no-one adopted me?! 


I’m 9 years young and a very friendly lady just waiting for my forever hoomans to find me, I hope I don’t have to wait to much longer as I’ve been ever so pawtient up till now! 

I don’t mind other dogs as long as they leave me alone, if they bark at me I have a little grumble under my breath, just to tell them to mind their own business! I walks very nicely on da lead and love going on walkies. I like to sniff everything and although I’ve been told that this is naughty I do so adore rolling to get my perfume on, a girls gotta smell good but unfortunately hoomans don’t seem to appreciate my perfume smells so I get a bath!

I’m a clever girl I can sit and give a paw but I’ve been told I’m a little on da tubby side so they’ve put me on a diet….what a cheek! So my treats have been limited now so I’m looking for hoomans that are a bit more generous with my treats! Is that you?

How can you say no to this gorgeous face?!

I’m ok around children of 8 years+ as they nose not to be too ruff with me. I love going for rides in the car and can’t wait for you to come pick me up and take me home forever!

Cone on what you waiting for?!

Mes hopes to meet you very soon

Love Gertie xxx


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