Gertie’s Week 

Well I’ve had a busy week filled with lovely sunny walks but….I also had to have a bath after all mes rolling and getting my perfume on da hoomans weren’t impressed by me smell so they bathed me and they now like my smell but I preferred mes own perfume!

I did get a treat after da bath tho which made up for the trauma!

Mes walkers found out that I’m a bit of a ‘twitcher’ and I can tick if grey heron and green woodpecker off mes list and lots of other flying birdies they so cool being ables to fly. Then mes did a bit of skirrell watching, dems crafty being able to climb trees so fast and running away from mes!

I am a wee bit of a talker I likes to grumble and grunt under mes breath, specially if your no supplying da treats!

I’m a very good girl out on walks and this week I walked past a dog without any grumbling as it was minding its own business and not bothering me

Wouldn’t you like to accompany me on my walks? All you have to do is put in your adoption application which you can find here –!gertie/crhc and read a bit more about little me! I really hopes to meet you very soon

Lots of love Gertie (the gorgeous senior) xxx


Your 2 pence is welcome here

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