Marvellous Marley’s Sunday Blog

Hello everypawdy I hopes you’s orl enjoyed my talking introduction video, bet you didn’t nose doglets could talk as well as me! Bhahahaha it would mean ever so much to me and my furiends at Senior Staffy Club if you could share my posts today as I’m feeling rather forgotten about! I love SSC but now it really is time I found my forever home as I’ve been here a while now and do miss a knee to cuddle up on.

 Yesterday one of my luverly walkers took me out and everything started out nicely as usual but then things got a bit hairy when I nearly got squished by a land rover! Then my walker found out that I’m not keen on bikes, cars or horses and that I’m a bit overly interested in sheep and birds but this just gives you something to help me overcome and we can bond over it

 On Friday my walk was a lot more relaxing, the sun was out which was a bonus, so we had an extra long walk where we passed two joggers and a few dogs without incidence, there was two dogs in a garden that I wanted to go over to but my walker corrected me and we walked on by I was a very good boy my walker said but did need a big drink of water after such a long walk but it was fun

 I’m an energetic boy but I walk very well on the lead so I’m no hassle really and I am a small boy so pretty easy to control, although my walkers have had a good vision of my bum when I’m on the long lead but I do look back at them occassionally and what a bum to look at! My walkers have also found that when passing dogs I am interested in them and will try to go over to them, but if the other dog barks at me, I will bark back but I’m not the instigator, I’m just standing my ground!

So now you’ve been caught up on my week, my next blog will be orl about today’s walkies, so don’t forget to tune back in a bit to see my adventure….it’s a good one I pwomise! 



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