Marley’s Sunday Walkies

My walk today was fanstaffietastic! We went about two miles and just look at orl wees encountered first off I serenaded my walker with a song  I changed up a bit and made it who takes the dogs out, you do, you do 🎤🎤 Bol!

So off we went out owr walk and I was well behaved as usual I even did what the sign told me to do….bet you didn’t nose I could read!

Then a cyclist went past and I just watched him go by 

Then we found a paddling pool

So had to have a little paddle well it would be rude not to and it was grate fun!

But my walker didn’t fancy joining in so was walked around the edge of it

We then met a horsie which was ok I didn’t bark or anything


And then another horse passed, they were out in force today must be cause da sun was shining!

It was a really enjoyable walk for both my walker and mes ownself

I did want to investigate the hedge but no time to stop

We’s walked over da bridge which had some funny blue fings laid in da river to stop the banks bursting


   Then it was time to stop and smell the flowers
And have a little investigation

Wonder what stays in there, no hoomans so not a home for me 😢

Heehee look at mes cheeky smile! 

Which way is we going?

This way was good

What a walkies it was, fank you to my luverly dog walkers I hopes you’s enjoyed it as much as I did today!

If you’d like to take me walkies every day and have a nice warm knee for me to cuddle up on afterwards please telephone Charlene on 07771 914583 or remember mes own selves web page which you can read more about me!!marley/c8f8


Your 2 pence is welcome here

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