Poor Princess Poppet!!

Little tiny Poppet had hoped that when it was Poppet day, just over a week ago that her forever hoomans would find her, fall in love and take her home. But it wasn’t to be….yet!

We at Senior Staffy Club are stumped with how to explain this to precious little Poppet, as we don’t understand it ourselves!

And now to top it all off Poppet has became a bit poorly with kennel stress resulting in an upset tummy and really needs to be in a home ASAP. Obviously both Poppet and us would prefer this to be her forever home but a foster home would be just as beneficial for Poppet in the short time as she’s not happy in kennels and this breaks our hearts!

So we have gave Poppet a very special blog today to plead her case! So over to Poppet….

Hiya everypawdy I iz ten years young, very loving and just adores me cuddles. I know I must be asking a lot as it’s taken so long for my noo hoomans to find me as it can’t be down to my looks or personality as Poppet by name and Poppet by nature! Someone out there surely must have a pet and child free household that’s missing a tiny little Poppet in their lives as there is no such thing as having enough love and I have it in bucketfuls to give!

Senior Staffy Club think that I may be crossed with a Jack Russell due to my size but I have the stunning Staffy good looks, but don’t let my size fool you as I have a huge personality so you won’t be lacking in anything if you make a little room on your sofa for me. Everyone I meets I falls in love with so why don’t I have the same effect on them? I iz very lonely in the kennels and getting sad and stressed now. All I wants iz a nice, loving home, with a comfortable knee to sit on, with hoomans that love me as much as I would will love them.

 I love to play and go walks. I admit I do get a bit excited on the end of the lead but just at the start of the walk and due to my size I am very easy to handle, even if your older than I am!

  I am a little bit cheeky, barking a bit at cats and dogs but just enough to warn them not to come near me or me hooman.

I do need someone that is going to be around most of the day as I get anxious and lonely when left by myself, but we could be retirees together?! 

Remember as well I do have my own web page courtesy of my furiends at Senior Staffy Club which you can read here –


Please, please, please if you can’t help me at present, please share me as somepawdy on your furiends list might be able to! I know Iz been nicknamed Princess Poppet but I don’t need a castle…..

Lots of love 

Poppet xx


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