Bills valentines checklist

So you’ve seen my photos, read my blog and hopefully shared my posts in the hopes that my forever hoomans will find me, but I have a few requirements that you need to meet, its a two way street to find your soulmate, so where is mine?

Ok so I need a home where I am the only pet, hoomans that understand me and are willing to take their time helping me overcome my nervousness and build my confidence, someone with the time to help my training progress, someone that I bring out the best in and they bring the best out in me, someone that enjoys cuddling, someone that will help me with my socialising, someone that loves me for who I am, suppose I want what most hoomans want for their Valentine…just to love and be love, that’s not too much to ask is it?!

Oh they also have to have high fences as I can jump high, I can also open doors (Iz so clever!) and they have to be able to put the blame on themselves for the botty burbs as I never take ownership of my own, I walk out of the room and leave you with the perfume, so please don’t blame the dog! Heehee

I need someone that is around most of the time as I no like being left alone, I get scared that you won’t come back so please don’t leave me myself for long at first then it is something you can continue to help me with. My frosty mum has been teaching me and I’m starting to pick it up. I had a good week this week and been such a good boy, my frosty mum thinks I is beginning to learn that she will come back now. I wish my forever hoomans would find me soon so that I can feel safe and never feel alone again.

I am picking up my training well but am still nervous when I first meet you especially if your a man so please take it slow, as slow and steady wins the race with me. I love women and older children as they don’t make me as nervous, and once I’ve got to know you I’m a very loving boy. I walk well on the lead and I can now also sleep through the whole night without waking you up to check your still there! I am very clean in the house but I’m a man that likes a routine and don’t like my food being late…..and will remind you, by crying like a baby, just in case you forget! I get three square meals a day breakfast, lunch and dinner although they get served in my round bowl so don’t know why they call meals square but you’ve got to give the hoomans some leeway for their strange behaviour so I might have some training to do with you too!

 I love to play and to play fight with my frosty dad, my favourite toy being my rope ball so need someone willing to take over the important role of playmate, oh and tummy rubs don’t go amiss either!


         I first arrived at my frosty home, a very skinny scrap of a boy, I have now put on weight and have became a dog that would go to hell and back for my frosty pawrents


So to sum me up I’m loving, clever, funny, happy, a little scared and nervous at first, need to be the only pet, I’m scared of (so don’t like) birds, cats and most dogs, like my meals served on time and do froggy legs a lot

If you feel like you can fulfil my requirements then please put your application into Senior Staffy Club today and hopefully we can meet very soon and we can spend all our future valentines days together

Love Bill xx


Your 2 pence is welcome here

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