Me again…..Princess Poppet

Guess what?! I’m a famous princess now not quiet as famous as my hooman counterpart Kate but we do have much in common, which I’ll let you all in on in a bit! But back to me being famous….myself and the other Seniors that are under the wing of Senior Staffy Club are now on Instagram! Check us out here –

Now back to what my hooman counterpart Kate and I have in common

  1. We are both beautiful  
  2. We are both petite  
  3. We both came from a normal class background, OK hers was a bit posher than mine, she never lived on the streets!  
  4. We are both peoples princesses  
  5. We are both stylish  

See I really am a princess, and living in kennels in simply not good enough for me! Don’t get me wrong I know how lucky I am to be in these kennels rather than wandering the streets myself, unloved or even worse be in the kennel in the sky, if the scary pound had had their way. I will forever be grateful to my loving subjects at Senior Staffy Club for saving me from that life (or lack thereof) but I desperately want to find my forever castle! Your house I could proudly call my castle as long as you can give me lots of love and cuddles I’ll be happy to allow you to pamper me, but don’t worry it’s not all one sided as I said before I’m a people’s princess and will give you lots of loving back it’ll be me and you against ruling the world, well in our little castle if nothing else! Bhahahaha


Your 2 pence is welcome here

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