It’s Poppet Day! Introducing Princess Poppet

It’s my turn, it’s my turn hooray!

I’m called Poppet, princess Poppet to my subjects! I’m a teeny tiny Staffy girl, well I’m 10 now so a lady Princess! The lovely humble subjects I have at Senior Staffy Club think I’m crossed with a Jack Russell as I’m so small and I have the personality more of a Jack Russell but the stunning good looks of a Staffy what more could you want?! Being this good looking has its drawbacks though as the camera cannot capture how beautiful I am, not helped by me constantly moving though, but being a princess is busy work – I’m always on the go! Well unless I’m snuggled up on the couch or your bed of course, the floor is no place for a princess after all, and I certainly don’t mind being the princess and the pea by having my bed on the sofa!


And I like a good stretch out, lucky I’m so small as they’re is still room for you!
Another thing you need to know about princesses is we don’t like the cold or the rain! So being in kennels is far from ideal, so my loyal loving subjects at Senior Staffy Club have got me jumpers and coats to wear but being such a small princess I’ve been wearing not one but two jumpers to keep me cosy but of course they’re matching jumpers!


Yesterday my lovely walker came to take me out of kennels for a walk but we didn’t get far due to the rain, I refused to go so we sat in his car having snuggles and a play – I killed a giraffe *puffs out chest proudly* and notice my crown on my jumper 👑


And don’t forget my Elvis impersonation 🎤 ahhaah!

I was found as a stray, I don’t know why nobody wanted me, but I was taken to a scary place called the pound and I was very poorly so nearly got sent to the kennel in the sky! Luckily my friends at Senior Staffy Club saw me and of course they couldn’t resist my charms! I had very sore paws and infected skin that caused me a lot of pain but I allowed my subjects to apply cream on me every day, well princesses do enjoy a good pampering! After many visits to the vets, where I was very good, they have discovered that I had a severe reaction to the cleaning products that the pound used so I’m all better now and just pawtiently waiting for my forever hooman to find me. 

A few requirements I need are that I need to be the only pet and although I’m fine walking past kids when out walks I’d like to be your only baby as I have so much love to give and princesses aren’t good at sharing! I know I’m asking a lot, but surely someone wants me?! I have a huge personality so you won’t need any other pets….just me!

Oh and I love my treats…who doesn’t?!

And I have to have a supply of toys

Well that’s my back story but don’t forget that it is Poppet day today so check back regularly for more blog posts on me, I’m in charge today just as every princess should be! 🐶👑🐾😍❤️


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