Everyday is a carnival with Rio from Senior Staffy Club

Hi everypawdy *waves paw* my names Rio and I am a very happy boy with the fastest tail in the west!

Not only that I’m a little story teller, I love to talk! I’m a grumbler, not a loud one but I talk all the time and I love to smile


My fosterer think I’m funny as I will be fast asleep, snoring one minute, then I suddenly jump off the sofa, almost without opening my eyes and grab the nearest ball and go crazy with it, hoomans don’t understand how sneaky these balls can be, always rolling away trying to escape me! So to keep your balls you have to think like and be the ball, sleep with one eye open! Other doggies will understand this, you hoomans need trained in the art of borlee wrangling! That’s ok I will be your mentor on this subject 

Always pass on what you have learned. – Yoda


Just because I’m a senior at 9 years of age your never to old to play and have fun!

I’m a very good boy and very eager to please. I wee on command and even if I don’t need I pretend and push a little out just to make you happy, you hoomans get happy at the silliest things! But I will still love you! I am fantastic at stay as well, you can leave a whole sausage in front of me, say stay and then leave the room and I won’t touch it until you tell me I can! Now that’s self control! 
I DO love a cuddle and love the attention! You can never have enough rubs can you?! I do do a VERY good job of laying on my back with my paws in the air whilst you tickle my belly 🙂

I walk well on a lead, although a little excitable at first … if I am corrected, then I am more than happy to oblige. I know the basic commands, such as sit, roll over, stay, lie down, etc. Told you I was clever!

I can be left for a little while, and I am very good, I just cannot wait to see you when you get home!

I would prefer older children to live with please, as then they know how to treat me, not pulling my ears, and poking me, but I have grown up with children. Cats and other dogs are not for me – I want all your attention, not having to share you!

 I can sometimes be a little jumpy though, especially if I am sleep and someone decides to stroke me … but as soon as I wake up and realise, I am FINE! I bet you’d jump a bit if someone did that to you when your asleep?

I’d be a great mate to you, joining you in the pub after a nice walkies, I’ll guard your pint for you!

I’d even be your designated driver, well if I had opposable thumbs!

But I could help with the gear changes – I’m especially good at driving stick! I promise I won’t chew it!

Or if you’d prefer a night in I’ll be there to help you chill out

I had a lovely time over Christmas, here’s what my fosterer said about me – 

 Rio has had a pretty busy Christmas but he’s dealt with it all in his stride! He really is a little star! Sadly, because he isn’t dog friendly, we didn’t stay at my family house for Xmas eve and day, but in the caravan in the garden instead, luckily we had a good heater and Rio’s lovely little coat to keep him warm. He had to stay in there on Xmas day but got lots of visits throughout from the whole family. He was so incredibly behaved, didn’t wee or chew anything at all even though it was a strange place and probably smelt of my parents staffy and when the kids took the other dogs out he got to run around the house and say hi to everyone. Again, perfectly behaved, in a strange, noisy house, full of about 20 people trying to say hello to him. Such a little gem! I didn’t take any photos sadly, it was all too busy. He did get to have a proper family Xmas on boxing day with my boyfriend’s family though and got thoroughly spoiled, just as he should be! Even though his belly isn’t good at the moment and his teeth bother him a little, he’s a perfectly happy little boy. perfectly behaved! Just can’t stress it enough xxx

I had a visit from a dog McTimony practitioner to help to ease my stiff aches and pains. Old age doesn’t come itself! I was so relaxed, that I farted my way through the session as she was helping me do some stretches, but I hear the same thing happens to you hoomans when you do yoga, so it’s nothing for me to get embarrassed about! Hopefully it helps but time will tell…..

I can (and do) sleep anywhere!


So what do you think, do you need a little Rio to spice up your life? If your the hooman for me please get in touch with my friend at Senior Staffy Club,  Sonia on 07954 440155 or go to this website to read more about me and fill out an online application form


I really hope to meet you soon, but until then I’ll leave you with this last video of me being my usual happy self

My final quote – Already know you that which you need. – Yoda

Lots of love Rio xxx

The Staffy Yoda


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