Well another year seen in and I have to say I’m glad last year is over!

The whole year wasn’t that great in a lot if aspects but there was some good times too! Like having friends again made a huge difference in my life but the end of the year was the worst yet. It was all going so well so I should of realised that something was going to happen! Christmas Eve I woke up to find that a hard lump had appeared on Tess’s back leg, it was the size of a 5 pence piece but around 6 5p’s stacked in height and it was really solid. 


At first I thought I’d leave it and see if it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared but after a few days it had started to become ulcerated so it was straight to the vets, luckily I had already an appointment arranged for Coal’s fortnightly RTU allergy injection so the vet had a look and straight away said it looks like mast cell and booked Tess in for an operation to remove it then get it tested to see what grade it was. Tess had the operation within a week of the lump appearing and is healing very well, she hasn’t even needed the lampshade collar put on as she hasn’t touched her stitches and if she looks like she’s going to I just have to show her the collar and it’s enough to stop her lol

Tess went for her post op check on Monday and the vet was surprised at how well she’s healing as it is in an area that gets lots of movement and Tess being a typical Staffy it’s difficult to keep her still!

 Doesn’t stop her feeling sorry for herself though but if I’d had cancer in sure I would be milking it too! Poor baby!

Then New Year’s Eve morning I fell off my bed (I was sober!) and i landed full weight on my nose probably the worst fall I’d had all year! As you can imagine there was blood everywhere and my nose swelled up as did my lip talk about bad timing on the biggest night of the year but my friends reassured me that it wasn’t that bad but it was all I could see!


On the plus side. I had a great time at Christmas and new year with my friends despite all that was going on and I hope all of you did as well

 And so did the dogs!

So now it’s back to normal and I have been updating my Etsy shop with new items which you can see here –


And have set up an Instagram account for the shop as well

Oh and my friend got me into adult colouring books and I’m addicted! Here’s one I did 

So I got a few books some artist pencils and watercolour pencils as well as sharpie pens which I used to do this peacock.

Over the last few days I have started my ‘Spring cleaning’ now I know I’m early but I have so much to clear out and can only do a little bit at a time due to my back pain so I’m hoping by the spring I should have finished! Luckily eBay is doing no insertion fees unless your item sells as I have so many clothes to get rid of! Wish me luck…..

I wish everyone all the very best for 2016 xx


Your 2 pence is welcome here

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