Sammy from Senior Staffy Club

SSC have asked my fosty mum if I could let you know how well I’m getting on in Cardiff. I’ve been on so many adventures that I don’t know where to start!   

My fosty mum lives close to a very big park and we go over there usually twice a day. Most mornings she has to get me out of bed to go for our first walk, she says I’m a lazy bones but its Ok because I am nine after all! I love to have a wriggle about on my back on the grass, so when I get there, that’s usually the first thing I do.    


A few weeks back we went to the Brecon Summer Fayre. We had to go in the car for a while to get there but that was OK because I like it in the car. I look out the windows to make sure that we’re going the right way and I do like to have 40 winks if there’s enough time. When we got there, there were loads of other dogs and my fosty mum said I was very polite around them, even when some of them weren’t so polite with me.  
There was also loads and loads of lovely food smells. My favourite was the lamb burgers. My fosty mum gave me a little taste and said she’d need to buy me a bib because of the drool. I can’t help it if I like a mid-afternoon snack.   
We’ve also been to somewhere called a beach. I got sooo excited when I saw the water (I think you call it the sea) that I couldn’t wait to get in to have a paddle so we ran all the way across the sand. I didn’t go in too deep because my fosty mum didn’t want to get too wet but I can’t wait to do that again. After the beach we sat outside a pub when my fosty dad had a pint, I was very popular and loads of people came to talk to me and scratch my belly. I looooove to have my belly scratched. 
I’ve recently started going to doggy day care where I stay with two new friends Snoopy and Charlie in their home. They are rescue dogs as well. Phil, who is their dad, tells my fosty mum that I’m a very good boy with all the other guests ( I haven’t learnt all their names yet) and she should be proud of me. I know she is because she tells me all the time. I can do tricks as well!

And love to do froggy  legs

When I’m at home I like to have a quite half hour with a chew (stuffed hooves are my favourite). My fosty mum has explained what I am allowed to chew and what I’m not allowed to chew and so far I’ve got it right (well, most of the time!). My fosty mum says I have brains as well as beauty.   

Well I’m off to have a cwtch on the sofa with my fosty mum now. It’s a Welsh thing!!

If you’d like to join me on the couch forever, you can telephone my Senior Staffy Club friend Julia on 07976799312


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