Zacks Day Out – Live Blog

Hi everypawdy I’m on my day out of Kennels so Senior Staffy Club have given me a live blog to do. A live blog is where you see things as they happen so remember to keep checking back to see how much fun I’m having and how much fun that YOU could be having with me if you give me my foreverhome! Hint hint xx

So here mes is at my aunty Harriet’s I must say it’s nice being inside looking out for a change instead of being in kennels, even though my friends at Senior Staffy Club make my kennel as comfy as possible, it’s not the same as having a home!

I’m a lucky boy as look at the toy I have to play with, I love being at my aunty Harriet’s!

Look at the comfy bed aunty Harriet has gave me a loan of!

It’s so comfy I had to lie on it to play with my toys! The rug is comfy to lie on to decisions decisions where should I lie?

Here I am playing with my toys, I love the squeaks don’t you?


I’z been out exploring the garden as well I’z wish I’z wish I’z wish Mes had my own garden

Next I got a bath! Argh…but don’t I look very smart and of course handsome now?!

image image

Now it’s time to relax and I’z has to say it’s much easier and comfier to chill out in a home rather than kennels – mes can’t wait for my forever family to take me home for ever… it you?


One thought on “Zacks Day Out – Live Blog

  1. Hi Vicki, it is Sheena here. Remember the day we all met up at Dechmont Hill with our dogs? Belle was there too. Poor Belle…it is almost two years since I lost her now but she would be proud of me since I have been able to foster three dogs since then and of course, I also have my old girl Holly now.

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