I’m back!

Hi everyone I’ve not written a personal blog for a while so going to do this one and a doggy diary one today so both will be catch ups on the last couple of months!

Personally I’ve not been great since finding out that the implant I had pinned my hopes on for two years was a no go for me. Since then my specialists have been playing about with my morphine tablets as they want to reduce me from 160mg twice a day, down to 100mg twice a day so that they can then swap me on to a different opioid medication as seemingly swapping opioids can make a difference to the pain – fingers crossed! At the moment I’m on my second reduction, they want me to reduce 10mg per week, which seems very fast to me but they’re the experts so I’m doing as told but it’s causing me to be in more agony than ‘normal’. To help with the reduction, my doctor asked the chemist to supply my opioids in a blister pack each week 

Then I can take the empty blister packs to my next appointment instead of keeping another diary so they can see how I’m getting on with the fast release Severdol that they have replaced my oramorph with. So lots of changes going on but no benefits as of yet but can take months I just hope the pain is on a more even keel by Christmas time!  The reduction has me all to pot at the moment! The pain makes it near impossible to sleep, I can get to sleep no problem but the pain wakes me up. For the last 6 nights I’ve only managed to get 25 minutes of sleep, I don’t know how I’m still managing to function – it was bad enough on two hours sleep per night!

With all this going on with my health I have been getting stuck into my crafting to take my mind off the pain. I have made many new designs of dog collars that I sell on both my Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/caninecouturecrafts and my Etsy shop – https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CanineCoutureCrafts?ref=hdr_shop_menu

Here are some of the newest designs


Pluto dog collar
pink union jack dog collar
Welsh dog collar
Scottish dog collar and bandana
Irish dog collar
English dog collar
Scottish dog lead and coupler lead
minions dog collar with choice of charms
christmas minions dog collar with choice of charms
minions dog collar with choice of metal enamelled charms
girl minions dog collar


bling dog collar in navy
navy and sky blue dog collar
white and jewels dog collar with purple enamelled paw charm
green camo dog collar with bronze paw charm
navy and orange dog collar
purple/white camo dog collar
purple/white camo and white dog collar
Scottish dog collars
anti pull head collar in batgirl colours
black reflective and black rainbow dog harness
black collar with orange micro paracord stitching
black collar with glow in the dark micro paracord stitching and glow in dark bandana
black collar with white micro paracord stitching
anti pull head collar and lead in one

So as you can see I’ve been busy at least the pain gives me time to do these, suppose it’s got to be good for something!

I have also been busy doing new dog training with the two girls particularly but I will go into that more in their ‘diary’

I am very excited (amongst the pain) as I am in the process of booking a holiday in the sun next year with my friends! This us something the doctor has been recommending for years but I have never had the friends to go with before and going on my own isn’t practical as I need help moving around. I was planning to take my small scooter with me rather than my wheelchair as I don’t want to have to rely on my friends pushing me around in it, although they’d be happy to do so, but I wouldn’t especially as we are going to Santa Ponsa which is one big hill! I have decided to look into hiring a mobility scooter over there to save me taking mine, oh and I also need to get my passport renewed! I am so looking forward to having the sun on my back and it’s something to look forward to

Also had a bit of a nightmare with my couch, which is just over a year old as I dropped the iron on it and now have an iron mark on the seat and the cushion, luckily I got insurance and burns are covered! So I have sent off my claim form for that so I might get a new couch from it if they can’t repair it

Other than the above


Your 2 pence is welcome here

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