Gorgeous Greg

My name is Greg and I’m a proud member of the Senior Staffy Club. I am 8 years wise and a very happy friendly boy.

I am currently living in their Staffordshire kennels but I am ever so lucky that one of my friends at Senior Staffy Club is allowing me to stay with her and her family for 2-3 days at a time! I love spending time at her home and playing with all the hoomans there but would dearly love my own place and family. I can be re-homed anywhere in the U.K.

As you can see I have been looking everywhere for my forever hoomans….I hope they are looking for me too!

My friend at SSC that has been allowing me to stay with her for a few days at a time has said this about me –

Greg has been no trouble at all, he is very clean in the house, absolutely adores cuddles, loves his walks and playing ball in the garden and He sleeps all night (on my bed!). Although Greg is bouncy and energetic, he has spent time with young children and was very gentle with them. The worst thing about having him home with me is the taking him back to kennels as he hates having to go back in!

Wasn’t that a nice write up on me? But then I’m such a clever gorgeous boy why wouldn’t it be?! I do LOVE my cuddles and I will nudge my head into you to get more, can never have enough cuddles and I do give kisses in return!

Now playing…..this is something you need to know…I love toys, give me a ball and I’m yours….the ball might not last long but I will certainly enjoy playing with it and you for hours even if it is burst!

Little hoomans play well with me especially footy ball I call it mouthy ball but then I suppose that’s why the balls burst heehee but that’s just part of the fun isn’t it?!

After all those lovely long walks and playing its time for more cuddles and a little snooze on a comfy bed

See I don’t ask for much and I’m sure you’d love having me in your family. I may be able to live with a calm female after a few introductions to make sure we see eye to eye. I can also live with children but Senior Staffy Club think they should be 6 years or older cause I am pretty bouncy and even though I’m gentle with the little ones I may knock them over by mistake, and the older children can come long walks with me. If I joined your family I’m sure we would have lots of fun together out on walks as I have so much energy  and as I’m a little love bug there would be lots of love in your home.

I really would like to find my retirement home soon as the kennels are not where I hoped I’d be and with the dark cold nights fast approaching, not to mention the fireworks on Guy Fawkes night, I’d like to be wrapped up cosy with you, as they can’t fit a couch in my kennel – I have asked!

I’m neutered, vaccinated and microchipped so I’m ready when you are……please make it soon!

If you would love to give me cuddles please contact my lovely friend Nikki at Senior Staffy Club on 07870392164 to find out more about how to get me into your home or click this link thing –



I hope to meet you soon 

Lots of Staffy love

Greg xxx


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