Just read this blog post from last year written by The Animal Rescue Auction Group (TARAG) that I donate and sell things for and thought I’d repost it again as it is the same situation another year in sadly
REPOSTED FROM HERE – http://tarag.co.uk/index.php/blog/a-pets-tears

A poem written by Margaret Bunker as she reflects on the tragic consequences of unwanted dogs abandoned across the UK

I’m any dog, I’m every dog, that ends up in the pound.

Unwanted and abandoned here, I never make a sound.

I’m not a nuisance to the staff, no longer do I bark.

There is no point for no one hears, alone and in the dark.
There are so many more like me, increasing every day.

Too many dogs, no homes for them; the problem’s here to stay.

Sometimes people do come around and bring us treats and toys;

But I stay quiet in my bed, a sad dejected boy.

No one has ever looked at me, I’m thin, I’m getting old.

My body has seen better days, I often feel the cold.
Last night I had a dream – a lady stopped outside my gate.

She spoke so gently I peeped out “she said, “Hello there, mate”.

Is “Mate” my name I wondered then, is SHE talking to ME?

So far I have always been known as ‘kennel 33.’

I wakened up it was a dream, and today is just the same.

Mopped out and fed, and back to bed, and nothing much has changed.

It’s not that people are unkind, they have so much to do,

Life in a stray kennels, there’s so much to get through.

So here I am, I’ve given up, no loving home for me.

The sad fact is that’s all I am- the dog in 33.
They’re talking now outside my door, has the moment finally come?

Have I outstayed my welcome? Just get it over with and done.

A stranger’s there, I’m shaking, what is happening to me?

A gentle touch, “Come on old lad, you’re leaving 33.

She told us you were here, and you were struggling to cope.

Let’s get you on a lead and on a journey to New Hope”
If you read this, think not of me but those I left behind.

Don’t think “there’s nothing I can do” and put it from your mind.

There’s something that we CAN ALL do, it may be small or great

To make a difference to a kennel dog that will forever change his fate.


Your 2 pence is welcome here

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