Pawpost August Review

I can’t believe we are in August already, this year has flown in! But a new month signals a new Pawpost box for my dogs 


And don’t they just love it! They know it’s there’s as soon as the postman delivers it and try to get stuck in before I do!

In this months box we got the usual Beautiful Joes dried liver treats these have became a staple in our dog training as the treats are the perfect size and the dogs would do cartwheels for them if they could! The other great thing about this company is for every pack bought, they donate a pack to a rescue centre!


Next up in this months box is a Biosafe Germ Smart dog toy by Rosewood. This is a melon slice shape and has a fruity scent. It is protected by BioCote which is antibacterial making it more hygienic. It is a dental toy helping to reduce plaque and tartar whilst the grooves work as a stimulating gum massager. It floats as well as stating that it is tough, which if you have a Staffy or a strong chewer you will know a lot of companies that claim tough is no match for our dogs, but I have to say this does live up to its claim. Roxy is my strongest chewer and she chewed this for over an hour but only managed to chew the corner off!


Then the dogs discovered a new favourite treat in the form of Lily’s Kitchen natural snack bars. The variety included in this months Pawpost box was Eat Your Greens which is crammed with super foods containing apples, kale, spirulina, wheatgrass and mint. As soon as I saw the ingredients I thought there was no way Coal would touch it, being such a fussy eater but he proved me wrong by wolfing it down and waiting for more which is very unlike him! You get 2 snack bars in a pack and they break extremely easily so are ideal for in your pocket whilst dog walking without ending up with a pocket full of crumbs. These treats, as with all Lily’s Kitchen products are hand baked and all natural. They also contain 26% chicken liver which is probably why Coal devoured them. Coal and the girls enjoyed them so much I bought them one pack of each of the three flavours available – Eat Your a Greens, Sun Shiny Day & Red Berry Boost all of which are being enjoyed!


This next item I am thoroughly delighted with as its just what I have been looking for! It is a Healing Paw Balm by Wildwash. I have paw waxes but they work as a prevention barrier whereas thus actually heals the paws after damage as well as offering protection. It contains Sweet almond oil, frankincense and kanuka which heals, reduces inflammation, moisturises and eases the discomfort of dry cracked paws and to protect against extreme weather conditions. You massage the cream onto the paw pads and allow it to absorb. It states it offers light protection so in the winter I will use paw wax on top to create a heavier barrier to protect against the salt grit applied to icy pavements and in the summer if ground is hot. It has a waxy texture and smells very soothing and warming. It is quiet a large amount you get as well – 60ml so should last a long time

Lastly this month we received Billy + Margot popcorn for dogs. This is 100% air popped popcorn with a seaweed seasoning. Coal wasn’t so sure of this and neither was Roxy but once they saw Tess eating it they joined in! As with most things if they ‘work’ for it they’ll take the ‘pay cheque’! They have had this before as well as a similar product but in liver flavour, although it was popped rice rather than popcorn and they preferred this one to the liver flavoured. It is air popped rather than oil popped making it much lower in fat and calories and gives it a longer shelf life. You do have to give the bag a good shake before giving a treat as there is no oil for the seaweed to stick to, and any seaweed seasoning left at the bottom of the bag can be sprinkled onto your dogs meal to get all the benefits


So that’s it for another month, another great box. This month my favourite product is the healing paw balm, it gas been great for Roxy’s paws as well as for the midge bites on her stomach and she doesn’t try to lick it off either. The dogs favourite item was the Lily’s Kitchen snack bars which were finished two minutes after the box arrived then it was onto the Biosafe melon toy which is still going!


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