Sammy here…

hi everypawdy Sammy here I’m a really good boy. I am 8 years and am currently in kennels in Worcestershire under the Senior Staffy Clubs care, but I can be re-homed anywhere in the UK. I can live with children 8+ and with dogs as long as introductions went well!

Don’t I look pleased with myself, and no wonder, I’m a Staffy and proud!
I have been looking for my forever humans all over! To the left…

To the right….

And over there…..

But no luck so far! I am clever as well, I can give a paw

Β Β 
And smile at the same time!

I can do high ten

Phew showing off my skills is zorsting, time for a bum scratch (always!)

Now back to looking for my forever family…

Where are they….

Nope can’t see them yet! Time to stop for a well deserved treat

And a play

Oh well, hopefully someone will see my mini blog here and offer me my forever couch, you know searching is tiring work

YAWN…. Oh excuse me! I could really do with my forever couch just now!

I will leave you with my Elvis smile

🎢🎡 you ain’t nothing but a hound dog…..🎡🎢

If you can give me a couch forever and this Sammy boy is your missing piece, please contact my friend at Senior Staffy Club named Charlene on 07771914583 oh and please share if you can

Love Sammy xxx


7 thoughts on “Sammy here…

  1. Very cute! I don’t suppose he will be around too long before somebody falls for that face! Have a great future Sammy! πŸ™‚

    Vicky: I don’t know whether you are aware of it, but your layout here does not encourage comments. The contrast between text, icons and background is minimal, and the Comments field is hidden. I found it by accident by clicking on a symbol – just wondering what it did! I meant to advise you of this a long time ago but kept getting side tracked! Regards. Colin.

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    1. Honestly I have Been up and down a lot with my back pain and this Scottish summer is doing nothing to help with all the rain we have had I’m going to write a blog post later so don’t want to give all the excitement away lol. How are you?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ((((hugs)))) rain is literally a pain, isnt it?!
        I’m ok, I think LOL good and bad days as usual, but started a new ‘protocol’ for my CFS/Fibro, so I am hopeful, which is a good feeling πŸ™‚ xx

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