Buster Here…..it’s my turn for a LIVEBLOG!

Introducing brilliant Buster’s LIVE blog this will be updated with events as they happen, so keep checking back to see what Buster gets up to today!

Buster is 10 years young and is currently in foster in the Durham area, via Senior Staffy Club, though can be REHOMED anywhere in the U.K, after a successful meeting.

Buster is a fab boy who just adores getting made a fuss off. He can live with children 8+ years and with dogs after introductions, but cats are a no no for this boy. He has been neutered, microchipped and had his vaccinations. 

For more information on Buster, you can telephone Julia on 07976799312 and/or click this link –


*taps screen with paw* *clears throat* ahem Morning everypawdy in there or is it out there? anyhoo my name is Buster and you’ve been invited to spend the day ‘spying’ on me – mmmm I better not do anyfing embarrassing! I’ve got a repawtation to maintain!
Can you believe that a handsome fella like me is still waiting for my forever home?

I’m a very polite boy and love to start the day off with a little bit of toast, this is how politely I ask for it, I give a paw and everything!

I’d love you to share your toast with me! Remember to check back soon xx
Yay foster mum has said we’re going to the seaside! I may be 10 but I do love to chase the seagulls! I wonder if the ice cream man is there…. That would be perfect way to cool down. 

Do you like my excited for walkies face?


Yay the beach is great fun – just look at me run

I love feeling the sand between my pads, could you take me to the beach? It’s lots of fun!

And I even had a paddle and got my paws wet


Usually we staffies don’t like to get wet but that’s just when it’s raining, paddling is different!

After all that running about and sea air it’s time for a nap – my foster mum is cooing over me while I sleep cause I’m soo unbelievably cute!

Don’t you just want to cuddle in with me? You could if you gave me my forever home!
After a busy day at the beach and afternoon of napping it’s time for tidy up time…. I love being hoovered (you’ve got to look after yourself don’t you!) and today it’s helped get rid of all the sand I brought home! Perfect way to end a fun day.

Thanks for ‘spying’ on me today, maybe my forever family saw me…what do you think, you know what, my P.A  ( Paw-less Animal) told me that if you share or retweet me….or both, more people will see me. Then if I’m famous maybe a foreverhome will want me!

If my forever humans are reading this, then my contact details are at the top of this post, please don’t wait too long before calling, I do love my frosty…I mean foster mum and family but I can’t wait to meet you……

Lots of Staffie snuggles

Buster xxx 



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