Dennis – a day out of kennels LIVEBLOG

this blog will be updated with real time events today. Dashing Dennis is stressed in kennels and desperately needs a foster home or even better a forever home. He is one of the youngest residents at Senior Staffy Club at 8 years of age. He is full of fun and character and is very eager to learn. He is looking for a pet free home and can live with children 8+ he is currently in kennels in Stafford but can be rehomed anywhere in the UK for more information on Dennis you can click this link – or if you would prefer to telephone to find out more and maybe offer Dennis a forever home please call Nikki on 07870392164

Here’s a bit from Dennis! please expand video and turn up your volume –

Here goes I’m leaving the kennels and making my bid for FREEDOM……

I’m out! Im in my Senior Staffy Club friends house and look I got a chew AND someone to play with me what a lucky boy I am!

Mmmm what’s going on here then?   I’m not liking the look of this water!

Oh dear it’s …..BATH time!

Actually this isn’t so bad I’m getting a lovely massage at the same time!

Getting dried off is fun too!

Now I’m all spick and span after mes bath, I’m ready for the ladies to see me! So off we’s went a walkies in da sun and of course got to have some posing time on the bench

here i am on my walk don’t I walk so nicely *puffs out chest* me’s so cleva

well I’m disappointed I never found my forever family while out me walk but my lovely host gave me a well deserved chew, my secretary was going to put music on this video but I put my paw down as Im sure you’d love to hear my munching noises 🙂

I’m a clever boy too and I love training and eager to please you especially if there’s a treat involved but I would do it cause I love you too, if only someone would give me a chance! I’d love you forever and a day….


Time to chill on the couch now after all that physical and mental exercise

having a wee snooze and dreaming of my forever family, i hope they are dreaming of me too!

I’ve got room in a house to choose where I want to lie! This is fab I wish I wish I wish ……..

Think I’ll lie down here and have a quick snooze on the rug, it’s much comfy than the kennel floor!

Well folks that’s me away back to my kennel I really don’t want to go, I have had a pawsome day and I just hope my forever home is just round the corner, it can’t come soon enough for me. I’d love to come spend some time with you as a foster as well, I just don’t want to be in kennels, so if you are a pet free household and have a Dennis shaped space in your heart and on your couch, please get in contact. The details are at the beginning of this post 

Lots & lots & lots of love (see how much I have to give?)

Dennis xxxx


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