Pawpost July review

pawpost arrived this morning and was full of great goodies this month

As usual the dogs were very excited when it arrived so much so that I had trouble getting in to open it as they were trying to!

We got the usual bag of Beautiful Joes dried liver treats, which means a rescue center will also get a bag as for every one sold they donate one to a rescue center! Which in my mind is reason enough to buy. These treats are the perfect size for using whilst training

Next we got a becoball which delighted all my dogs but especially Tess who is ball crazy. I have to admit when I first saw the ball I was slightly disappointed as last Christmas my friend got my dogs a becoball each and Tess destroyed here in under ten minutes! But when I lifted it I realised its a different ball, this one is pliable rubber and hollow inside whereas the ones they got at Christmas were solid rubber so easier for Tess to chew and destroy but with this one being hollow it bounces back into shape. I do love the beck range as it is Eco friendly and made of natural rice husk rubber so is non toxic too. This ball is vanilla scented, extra durable and has the added benefit of whistling as it flies through the air. This is the large ball which is maybe just slightly bigger than a tennis ball. Tess loves it and hasnt let Coal or Roxy have a shot of it yet! I hav but heard it whistle yet but will take it with us on our walk. So far Tess has played with it constantly for three hours and not mad a mark on it so it has already outlasted her previous becoball!

Next up we have Green and Wilds Fish cube treats these are around 1/2″ cubes of 100% dried fish skins so contain no additives, hypoallergenic and gluten free as well as being healthy as low in fat, good for teeth as removes tartar, gives a healthy shiny coat, aids eye and brain development,  easy on digestion. It also states on the packet that it helps increased intelligence and training ability so of course I had to test this out! They all were certainly more attentive when training with the fish skins than on their meal biscuits that I usually use for basic training but in comparison to the high reward treats like the beautiful joes dried liver there wasn’t any noticeable difference maybe it’s so merging that needs to build up over a period of time but they go down well with all my dogs! This company also states on the packaging that you can win lots of goodies on their website but I haven’t looked yet the fish is ethically resourced 
Also from the same company Green and wilds came a jute toy with a plastic bottle inside it. They have had similar toys before to this that have no stuffing so you can place a plastic bottle into the body of the toy these are great for not having stuffing all over the floor and the dogs love the noise. Mine used to play with plastic bottles until one if their lips got cut on the chewed plastic the similar toys they’ve had the material was thin so ripped easily and if the bottle fell out the dogs would play tug with it which didn’t help so this one being made of strong jute and suede might just do the job, by the feel of it it most certainly will last a lot longer! And even better this toy is Eco-friendly also

Finally was two packets of treats from The Dog Treat Company one called fabulous fur and the other called calm moments. These treats are handmade in Devon,UK. The ingredients are all natural, ethically sourced Human grade quality. 

The fabulous fur treats contain free range chicken liver, oats, organic spelt, free range eggs, garlic, water, organic flax,organic pumpkin seed and Virgin olive oil

The calm moments contain the same except the flax and pumpkin seed has been replaced with a chamomile infusion

These treats contain no additives, no added salts, no meat meal, no preservatives, no added sugars or dyes and the dogs really like the fabulous fur ones I am saving the calm moments for nearer bed time!


So another fab and interesting box from Pawpost everything I have ever had from them I have never seen anywhere else 

And that brings us to the slightly controversial part of my post have recently read reviews on other companies monthly pet box schemes and have to say I was less than impressed by the contents of them the treats and toys included I can but in my local bargain shop and these box schemes are only charging £3 less than Pawpost! So if you decide to try a pet subscription box definately Pawpost is the one to go for as far as I be seem so far 

I would like to point out that I am not paid or given any reduction in price  from Pawpost in exchange for this review and the opinions of this blog are mine


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