Roxy’s 2nd birthday party

well it’s her first birthday with us and probably the only party she’s had! And she kind of had two parties!

As I have been so busy and I had not long got her birthdate I hadn’t been prepared for her birthday so instead of me baking the cake as I usually do for their birthdays, I purchased one from a doggy bakery online but mistakenly said I needed it for the 26th – I have no idea where I got the 26th from but hey ho! So the cake hadn’t arrived on her actual birthday (24th June) so we went a walk with my friends two Staffies, which was also Roxy’s first walk in ten days due to her having to get stitches in her leg, so as you can imagine she had a great time the five of them all running around together for around 2 hours!

 The cake arrived the next day, so I arranged for my friend to bring her two Staffies round on the 26th for an indoor party. The cake looked lovely

I made some party hats for the dogs from background patterns on the internet printed onto heavy gloss photo paper, cut out then glued together and an elastic rubber band attached to keep them on at least until we got a photo of them wearing them!

And that’s about precisely how long they stayed on! Lol The cake didn’t last long either I cut it into 8 slices and each dog ate their slice in one mouthful so I take it they enjoyed it then they had some homemade treats then it was playtime!


 Roxy got lots of lovely birthday presents as well, she got an 8″ boomer ball (I had meant to get the six inch one like Tess’s), a huge bacon-tasting nylabone, a bone that you freeze to keep them cool on hot days Chuckit balls and a catapulting frog toy that can also be put in the freezer and her mates Ollie and Perry gave her some schmakos and a bear that can go in the microwave to comfort her in bed so she got spoiled and enjoyed every minute which is no more than she deserves!  



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