All go go go….

well as much as my knackered body allows anyway!

The good thing about being busy, even just mentally, is it takes my mind off the pain, unfortunately this only lasts until I stop then I stop dead and feel like crumbling into a heap!

I say even just mentally meaning that I do something then have to rest but my mind is still thinking of what’s still to be done!

What’s making me so busy? Well the rescue I volunteer with Staffie Smiles Rescue are holding an auction ( ) at the moment so I have been busy making bandanas and collars for that as well as taking new orders for my items. 


LED paracord collar
St Georges cross bandana
glow in the dark hearts bandana
glitter pawprints bandanas
   Not only that I have all my gardening to do, getting things planted and harvested. I am harvesting asparagus, salad leaves and currants. My garden is looking fab this year the arch is really flourishing


nasturtium, i just love these in salads

herbs in a hanging basket allows for easy picking and a glorius scent as you pass by
my proudest gardening acheivement so far this year is my pepino melon fruit

 Also I have started clearing out three cupboards with the aim of re-organising the three into two leaving the largest one available to make into a mini dog room, where they can go to when they want some peace. This will also have the added benefit of freeing up one of my kitchen cupboards that currently accommodates their treats, coats and medicine as I am going to put that on shelves and also whilst the pipes are getting blocked off make a corner box to hold their large sack of food so all the dogs items will be contained in one place. I have some left over carpet from the livibgroom which I will get put down in their cupboard along with their dog beds and some hooks for their jumpers and coats. I’m looking forward to this being complete but what a thought it is to start it!

To top it all off, I have had to get Roxy’s paperwork in order – her microchip information changed over to my name and her insurance arranged, her documents arrived today so there’s no going back now Roxy you’re stuck with us!

Oh and Roxy’s birthday party, but that’s another post!


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