The Lovely Lily Pod

Introducing the stunningly beautiful Lily whose foster mummy calls her Lily Pod.


 Isn’t she precious?! 

Lily is about 4 years old and is loving life in her foster home but would love to find a permanent sofa to call her own.       


 Lily is an absolute dream on the lead when out walking and doesn’t pull at all. She passes other dogs without any issues. She does just need short walks of around 20 minutes, as her back legs get tired.




Whilst Lily is great passing other dogs on walks outside she doesn’t like it when they invade her space and she doesn’t want them to live with her. She can live with children 10 years and older but is not good with cats. She has been speyed, vaccinated and microchipped and is ready and waiting for her forever home now….
Could this be you or someone you know?


Lily’s lovely foster mum has told us this about her:
“She wakes me up every morning with one, high pitched bark and I can guarantee that this will be the only bark of the day (usually). She doesn’t actually come into my room though for some reason, she just lies in the doorway of the sitting room with her nose pointing into my room. Soon as I get up she a happy wee bunny and jumps right up on the couch behind me, happy in the knowledge that she’s got her mummy up and promptly goes right back to sleep, cheeky little monkey. Well really, that one bark must have really tired my wee Lily Pod right out.
Lily is a very timid wee girl, she rarely says boo. She never barks unless overly excited during play (well, other than that one,very tiring bark in the mornings, that is). 
Lily always waits politely to be invited up to the couch. I can count on my one hand (or maybe two, I’ve had her for seven months after all), the number of times she’s jumped up without permission. Thing is though, if I am engrossed in something, such as my laptop or TV it can take a while for me to realise). She just still sits waiting so patiently – and then I feel bad for not noticing sooner lol.
When she gets petted she does this mmmm mmmm mmmm thing. She is totally delighted. When she is sound asleep on the couch and I disturb her because ‘frankly, Lily, I would like my seat back she does the mmm mmm mmm sound again but this time it sounds like grmmm grmmm grmmm (as in ‘I’m annoyed now mother’). You can easily tell the difference. The girl is being a grump, she knows exactly what she is doing.
She is very well behaved and knows all her main commands such as sit, stay, paw and other paw. She does get quite excited though when asked to perform these commands in front of others and is so willing to please she ends up doing stuff you didn’t actually ask her to do. Like when you ask her for a paw, she gives you a paw. Ask for the other paw and she becomes so eager to please the visitor that she does lie down. It’s very cute and something to work on.
She has the face of an angel but don’t be fooled, she can be a bossy wee diva at times and knows how to demand attention. She does the nose barging thing. Basically, the nose barges into my arm, like pretty hard For a dainty and sweet looking wee soul she can be quite forceful with it and God help me if I happen to have a cup of tea in my hand at the time… Basically it could end up all over me lol.
When she has an itchy bum it’s hilarious. She sits flat on her bum, hind legs straight up in the air in front of her whilst she uses her front legs to pivot herself round and round in circles. She is ace at resolving the itchy bum problem. It’s times like these that I so WISH I had a working camera, it’s quite a sight and she has me in stitches every time.
Lily is generally a very calm wee thing and an absolute dream in the home, very well behaved with excellent manners. She knows when I’m getting ready to go out and doesn’t make a beeline for the door any more as she can read the signs that it’s not her walk times and can be left with no issues. 
Lily also walks perfectly on the lead but can’t walk for long periods at one time as her wee legs become quite tired. She doesn’t particularly like other dogs coming into her space but will happily walk on past other dogs so long as they don’t give her any trouble.
Typical of her breed she knows her own mind and is quiet a character in the sweetest, most loving and loyal way. I love the Staffie cheek! Also typical of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed, Lily loves cuddles, human attention and getting made a fuss of. She has a tendency to go up to every human that we pass on her walks, basically trying to get their attention and it’s a bonus if she gets a wee pet or word of praise from the stranger human. It is clear Lily went to pet school to learn this.

Lily’s ear freckles are truly adorable and just like her, she has such a pretty little angel face. She can be left at home and the best bit is that you will never come home to a trashed house.

I soooo hope that my lovely little Lily Pod can find her perfect home, she really, really deserves it”

Can you understand why this girl is still looking for her forever home? I certainly can’t! If only my house was bigger!





If you can offer this beautiful girl a forever space in your home and heart, please click this link that will take you through the adoption process and also supply you with the online adoption application.

And you can read more about Lily by clicking this link –

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