This weather has been a nightmare – we had frost on the last night of May! So you can imagine gardening has been pretty much at a standstill with a lot of things still needing planted! My greenhouse at the house is heated so all my tomatoes, chillies, peppers, sweet corn & minipop and physalis are still in plant pots in it I have just been potting them on until it’s safe enough to move them into their final planting positions in the unheated greenhouse. 


pepino melon grown from seed last year first flowers
mini pop
tomatoe plants
tomato flower
physallis or cape gooseberry plum flavour fruits
physallis or cape gooseberry pineapple flavour fruits
pepper plants

I also still have my flowers to plant into their hanging baskets – some are flowering in their pots!  


On the upside all my fruit bushes are dripping with fruit and/or flowers. So will have a bumper fruit crop this year 🙂 

raspberry flower
japanese gooseberry Hinnomaki has sweet yellow fruits
chuckleberry small black fruits
honeyberries male has snaller leaves than female,fruit is like large blueberries
blueberry flowers

 The frost hasn’t affected my apple tree flowers to much so i will get apples this year – they are the best apples so sweet and crunchy I have a Braeburn and three Apple loves which have red flesh and are super sweet, but I. My opinion you can’t beat a Braeburn! The grape vine again has thousands of flowers but this year I am going to be ruthless and remove a lot of them, I hate doing this as seems wasteful but last year I had so many grapes the greenhouse looked like a vineyard and I was giving bag fils away to friends, making grape jam and still never used them all and although the grapes a very sweet and tasty the individual fruits themselves were pretty small as I hadn’t been as ruthless as I should of been! So this year I’m going to remove bunches of the flowers so it produces less and the bunches left will be thinned out vigorously to allow the remaining fruits space to mature so I will end up with larger grapes and less wastage. There’s only so much jam you can make!

Speaking of jam I am going to have to make more from last years fruit that is still in my freezer to make room for this years harvest and I have enough Japanese wine berries to make my first ham from them, these berries are ok to eat whole but they seemingly excel in jam and it’s commonly the best way to eat them so looking forward to trying it. 

This year has seen my bluebells flower for the first time! I had actually forgotten that I had planted them as must of been about four years ago and they haven’t flowered until now they have taken a lot longer than I thought they would to establish themselves. In front of the bluebells are my geraniums which are huge this year! 


My tree peony is in flower just now so I went over to smell the large gorgeous flower only to find a small bee in it so off I went to get my camera to take a photo of what I thought was a bee frolicking in the pollen


tree peony flower
tree peony flower bud
bee covered in pollen inside tree peony flower

When I returned and took the photo I gave its bum a gentle scratch as they enjoy this and wiggle their but in enjoyment which is so cute! But it didn’t react so I picked it out of the flower Only to find it was dead 😦 it must have got so covered in pollen that it was to weighed down to fly! Why can’t things like this happen to the garden pests like slugs, greenfly etc?!



Despite the late frosts I still have a number of plants in flower or at least producing flower buds

tulip, alliums and comfrey
aguilegia flowers
wild garlic flowers – superb in stirfries and salads

Ornamental thistle     

Hellebores or winter rose
My lettuces and potatoes seem to be doing well even though they were planted later than usual due to the late frosts this year.


My Mexican mint and dragon fruit plants have taken a growth spurt this year as well. I grew the dragon fruit from seed three or four years ago, I am not sure how long before it will produce any fruit but think it’s very safe to say it will be a good few years yet!  


The Mexican mint is a lovely looking plant with furry succulent leaves. This variety of mint is non edible but makes a fantastic companion plant to tomatoes and pepper as it keeps pests away and it smells glorious. It is very easy to grow and if a leaf falls off you just plant the leaf and hey presto you have a new plant in a couple of months.


My arch has really taken off now and needs a good prune! I have three different jasmines (winter, spring and summer flowering) along with a red and white rose at either side which now all meet at the top. It has taken 7 years to reach this stage but is so worth it when it’s in flower and the jasmine makes it smell divine in the evening.


Still have lots to do but its getting there little by little…..

My friend tore this article out of the paper for me, it tells you if the poisonous and toxic plants for dogs and cats so this is definitely worth the read!



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      1. Yes I’m sure he would I mix kale into their homemade treats and they like to steal the ripe berries direct from the bushes and I’ve got to be quick picking the strawberries lol they like to chew the cabbage stalks as well 🙂

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