Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy….

Ziggy’s back! Through no fault of his own, poor Ziggy-saurus finds himself back with Staffie Smiles Rescue and unfortunately back in kennels, as they have no free fosterers at the moment. Although he is being treated well in kennels, he would much prefer to be in his forever home or a foster home.

At only 18 months – 2 years old, he’s still a baby, so soaks up his training like a sponge making him very easy to train. He tries very hard to please you and just wants your love! He knows his basic commands like sit and paw but would need further training but he enjoys learning and it’s great for bonding you both. 

Everyone that has met this boy can’t speak highly enough of him! He is good with other dogs outside and with slow introductions could live with a female. He has such a fun loving character and loves to play with toys especially the ones that drop treats! Just look at his playful smile

As Ziggy is young he is still a bit bouncy when excited and mouths a bit, as he’s obviously learned at some point in his life, this is the way to show happiness but with training this has been improving so continued training should see an end to this minor issue. Due to this exuberance, he would be best living with children a bit older, as he needs to find his feet and be the baby of the household for a bit.

He has really beautiful brindle markings and a fantastic nature, basically with a bit of training, he’s the full package and will make a fantastic and loyal companion. You will receive far more than you give, with Ziggy.

He loves his walks and the Kennel owner stated that he has the best recall she has ever seen in a dog so young. He is very eager to please you, but is also quiet happy in his own company and will happily prance off to his crate, which he loves, after he’s been a walk, or had a fuss made of him. He sleeps in his crate at night and is clean and tidy in the house.

Ziggy has already been neutered, microchipped and had his vaccinations so is willing and waiting for his new forever home.

If you think Ziggy is the perfect buddy for you, click on this link which will walk you through the adoption process and supply you with an online adoption form – 


And to read more about Ziggy you can click this link – 


If you could offer Ziggy a foster home please click this link to read how to go about it – 


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