New Breed Specific Dog Food

Recently I have been looking online to see if I could get large bags of the dog food delivered as I have been buying the 5kg bags as they are lighter for me to move around. I get them delivered along with my online grocery shopping, but the supermarkets don’t sell the 15kg bag of the brand I use unfortunately so I thought I would check out the net, and in doing so came across this breed specific food by Pero and it was recommended by a fellow Staffie Smiles adopter, so I went on to their website to read more. They do a whole range of foods not just breed specific including organic. Pero only uses the best, natural, UK sourced ingredients in all their range, nothing contains artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and provide best possible nutrition for your dog but you can read more about them as a company and browse their range of foods here –

They have also just launched their natural cat food with the same ethics. 

Anyway I decided to buy the trial pack of the SBT (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) which consists of  a 1kg bag of food, a 225g box of organic chicken and rice treats and a £5 voucher for your next purchase.


The company was very informative and kept me up to date with my delivery via email giving a time slot when it would be delivered. The dogs knew what was in the parcel before I did and couldn’t take their noses off the plastic mailing bag it was packaged in! 

When I was finally able to get peace to open it I got three begging faces staring back at me! 


Surprisingly enough Coal was the most interested! As you may know from previous posts, Coal is the fussiest eater I have ever encountered so for him to be interested in food is shocking!

I opened both the treats and food to give them each a taste and they wolved them down.  I didn’t have too much faith that Coal would eat it as his meal, thinking that he was just eating it as it was something new and was given like a treat rather than in his bowl. But he kept looking for more which is a first! He decided to help himself when no more was forthcoming!

Even Roxy got in on the act!


So why is it breed specific? Well Pero say that it is formulated for excellence in muscle and body condition due to the glucosamine and chondroiton for joint care, L-Carnitinr for fat burning and muscle definition, vitamin E to support immunity. Joints and cartilage problems are a common ailment in Staffies so these ingredients are imperitive for a healthy Staffie, the shape and size of the kibble has been extensively tested in feeding trials to ensure it is ideal for the breed and also has the added benefit of dental care as it cleans their teeth whilst they’re eating it

It is also fully hypoallergenic so little chance of tummy upsets from the most common Staffie intolerances and allergic reactions. It is made from fresh British chicken, maize, poultry meat meal, oats, beef pulp, refined chicken fat, whole linseed, Brewers yeast, egg powder, minerals and fish oil all human grade with no rubbish and you know the percentages of each – none of these ingredients that you can’t pronounce!

Obviously I can’t comment as of yet on how it is benefiting the dogs as I have only just ordered my first 12kg bag and have only had the trail pack a couple of days but the main thing is Coal enjoys it – he has even eaten it as a meal without any ‘tasty’ added in a thing he has never done before ever!!

The treats are going down well too and being organic we are all happy! 


Again like the food these contain nothing artificial and human grade ingredients. The chicken is organic and free range and are also free from genetically modified organisms and wheat gluten, also with the rest of their products it isn’t tested on animals and against animal cruelty. I too am against animal cruelty but surely it is tested on animals ie dogs taste testing?! It probably means not cruelly tested on animals lol! Non organic treats can contain residues from artificial fertilisers, pesticides etc. these treats are certified organic by OF&G (Organic Farmers & Growers)

Another great thing about buying this food is that every time you purchase something you earn points you get 2 points for every £ spent but can also gain extra points for referring a friend and leaving a review. You can either use your points as a discount against your order or you can donate them to any one of the listed charities or you can nominate your favourite charity!

As I stated previously they have a wide range of foods and the breed specific ones they sell are SBT ( also suitable for British Bulldogs and Bull Terriers), Labrador Life and GSD for German Shepherds along with Grain Free, Orgwnic, puppies, seniors, working dogs and fussy eaters most available in the trial packs. 

For the ingredients contained in them and the ethos these foods are very good value as I have seen natural food costing upwards of £50 for a 12kg bag and for Organic the priciest I’ve seen was £115 for a 15kg bag!! I love my dogs but that’s ridiculous pricing for something you need every 4-6 weeks!

Some of my friends also purchased the trial pack and their Staffies loved it at first but will not look at it now! So it’s not for ever one but all of mine love it and their ‘perfumes’ don’t stink as much as they did! So from my lot it’s a resounding yes!! And saves me going back to baking kibble for them which is a very time consuming and labour intensive process that they get through in no time! 

In the trial pack I also received a cup and a pen! So a little something for me as well xx




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