Excellent Ellie’s Update

You might remember Ellie from my previous blog post on her called Introducing Miss Phant on the 29th April. Well the gorgeous Ellie is STILL waiting on her forever humans finding her, so the lovely rescue that she is under there care of – Senior Staffy Club have gave her, her very own photo shoot to show how beautiful she really is. They got the great photographer Helen Kimber to take these fantastic photos. If you’d would like some professional photos taken by her you can contact her here –


These photos really show what a stunning dog Ellie really is, I love the one of her nose! Miss Ellie (Phant) has been in foster for over a year now so would adore a home she could call her own, even though she loves her foster home and foster brother Dell its not the same as her own place. At 7-8 years old its nothing more than she deserves! She is such a loveable lady that loves cuddles and long walks. She can live with a calm older male dog or as the only dog, and can live with kids 8+ years she needs a quieter home to retire in. She enjoys playing with tyres in the garden and loves a good run to let off steam. She is good on walks and doesn’t bother with other dogs.

Ellie likes her home comforts like every staffie I have ever met, she loves the heat and will curl up beside the fire or radiator hogging the heat source! If you want Ellie to do something, food is the way to her heart, she will do anything for a treat! Not only is Ellie very food orientated but again like most staffies craves human interaction, give her a clap and she’ll be your best mate!

Ellie can be rehomed anywhere in the U.K. She is Senior Staffy Clubs longest resident, with over a year in foster under her belt! She does have a few medical issues, mainly allergies so needs daily treatment for them, but she is very good at receiving this treatment and just sits patiently whilst you perform it. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to apply, but don’t let this put you off as Senior Staffy Club can help with her medical costs if necessary and we will all have some medical issues when we are older!

If you think you’ve got just the home for Ellie please click this link to read more about Ellie –


or if you are happy to start the adoption process, you can click this link and fill out the contact us tab –


where you can also browse the other staffies in their care. Please help Ellie find her forever home by re-blogging, re-tweeting and sharing on Facebook, someone out there is looking for an Ellie in their life, lets find them…..


2 thoughts on “Excellent Ellie’s Update

  1. A very nice Post for Ellie. I hope that somebody gives her a home soon because no doubt she will reward them in so many ways …….. as our Ray has done/still does for us. “All the best Ellie. You’ll be in a forever home soon!” 🙂

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