Petsafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain Review

I have had the platinum drinking fountain since September 2015, my parents bought it for my birthday. It was originally purchased so that it would prevent me having to bend down as often to refresh their water bowl but the fact that it is running water also encourages the dogs to drink more.

I decided on the platinum version as it has a pre-filter. This pre-filter prevents any hair or debris getting into the Pump motor, which was a common complaint in the reviews I read prior to purchase and it would stop the motor working thus rendering the fountain unusable. So the pre-filter was a must for me rather than a luxury and the platinum fountain is the only one in the range that includes this. 

There are several in their range of drinking fountains, they have a small one that is suitable for small breeds of dogs and cats, a regular sized one, a big dog one and the platinum version that I know about. I did almost opt for the big dog version as it holds the most water and with two dogs this would have been handy and now with three dogs even handier but then it would have weighed more so would have been sorer on my back and really would need refreshed just the same amount of times as the platinum version to remove debris, in fact would probably need refreshed more often due to it not having a prefilter!

Anyway back to the platinum version, it has a bowl capacity of 5L with another half gallon being stored in the reservoir.

 It has a replaceable carbon filter that sits in the body of the fountain, these need changed every two – four weeks, more often for multiple pets or those that produce high amounts of saliva. Although the use of the carbon filter is not required for the fountain to operate, they keep the water clean and fresh so are really recommended. The filters come in packs of three for around £5-£10 depending where you purchase them, I purchase mine from a pet shop on eBay for £5.99 if I need them quickly or an American pet shop on eBay sells a 10 pack (not available in the UK in this pack size) for £12 including postage but I have to be organised to buy these as obviously they take longer to arrive from the USA.

 The reservoir lifts off to be refilled/cleaned and when replaced regulates the water level in the bowl (approx 1cm below rim of bowl) 

The basic operation is the pump motor pumps the water round from the body, through charcoal filter and back into the bowl cleaning the water as it goes then the prefilter stops any debris from entering pump or the housing ensuring clean water is re-entering the bowl. To re-enter the bowl from the housing a water stream is released like a waterfall. 

You need to fully clean the fountain weekly. This is easy enough for me to do as I remove the reservoir before lifting the bowl so it is lighter to carry to the sink. If you have just replaced the filter the week earlier then you just run it under the cold water tap to clean any hairs that may have made it through the prefilter then replace the same charcoal filter into the housing rather than replacing with a new one. 

Normally I wouldn’t purchase the cleaning tools for an item as I usually have something that will do the same job or I can buy similar for a cheaper price, but in this case I highly recommend that you invest in the cleaning kit as although you can purchase bottle brushes cheaply these are far superior in quality and are the exact size for the tubes and pump. Also the large bottle brush has a sponge at the end so you don’t have to swap cleaning tools to clean the bowl properly.

Obviously the main warning given us to never let the unit run dry as this will stop the pump motor functioning!

Full cleaning instructions are given in the accompanying manual so in not going to go in to details of that here, suffice to say it’s pretty self explanatory when you have the unit in front of you and easy to perform even if your mobility challenged like I am.

This has been an investment that I wouldn’t be without now as it makes my life much easier not having to bend down several times a day to refresh their water bowls, which now with three dogs would be even more often but the dogs much prefer drinking from it – I gave them a bowl of water whilst I was cleaning the fountain as all were waiting in a drink but each refused to drink from the bowl, preferring to wait on the fountain! This has also been the case with each of my foster dogs, they were a bit wary the first time as it was something new to them but their inquisitiveness got the better of them very quickly. All the dogs drunk from both the bowl and the stream of water. 

There are a few unique designs in this brand of water fountain other than the prefilter included in this model, all versions have a pyramid in the bowl directly under the flow of water , this quietens the water stream hitting the water surface in the bowl making the whole machine run quietly, as I did originally presume that the sound of constant running water would make me need the toilet more often but it hasn’t lol!

It also has a flow control knob so you have full control of how much water is produced in the stream (and how quickly the water is filtered through the carbon filter)

The Petsafe Platinum Drinking Fountain has been a godsend and I cannot rate it highly enough. It’s better for the dogs and it’s better for me win-win what more can you ask for?!


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