Another sunny few days!

Wes lubs da sun! And hims bin here for a few days now, Wes just hoping dat dis no bes owr few days of Summer before da nasty rain falls from da skies again melting us into doglet shaped puddles!

Anyhoos Wes bin haffin lots of fun in da sun Wes bin chasing owr borlees


Sunbafin (wiv owr doggy sun cream on)


Chillaxing looking cool


And lots of fanstaffietastic walkies


Wes also went to da woods last night – woods dat Roxy haf neber bin go before, hers enjoyed it an was sniffing orl da noo smells


Roxy has bin doing eva so well with overcoming her fears but last night in da way bak fwom da woods Wes passed a Lhasa apso dat started barking at us and Roxy got fwightened but earlier on da way to da woods Wes passed sum norty border collies off lead dat came running in owr faces whilst wes was on da lead and da two collies would not return to dere mummy who was shouting frantically for them, wes were vewy gud and did wat mummy and gwanpa told us but da collies mummy acted like wes were da norty dogs and it was mummies fault! Dis bes owr first encounter of Staffy breedism fur a long timeand Wes no like or deserve it, Wes very gud dogs maybes dat silly woman should get to nose us first before making ill informed judgements we Staffies are softer dan you fink or wat da media tells you it should be deed not breed that is punished but anyhoos Roxy wasn’t scared by da border collies being rude but was wiv da Lhasa apso but it was barking and trying to lunge at us so was giving off aggression signals which bes why hers got fwightened but mes (Tess) an Cial walked either side of her to give her confidence and wes just carried on walking like da great dogs dat we bes! Den mummy and gwanpa praised us orl wiv cuddles, den it was bak home fur more cuddles


Den wes had a play wiv owr toys and Roxy managed to rip da eyes off her toy and left dem at mummies feet like dis Bol!


Wes celebrated International shower cap day well wes wore shower turbans as mummy no haf a cap Mes seys wes but was only me (Tess) and Roxy dat did it Coal seys no coz hims a boy!


 Wes had a wee snooze and poor Mes (Tess) woke up to mummy pointing a camra in mes face! Do you fink dat dis bes karma fur mes no giving hers any peece?

Some posing pics of us orl just to keep you going until mummy lets us use her blog again!


Bark to yous orl soon, Staffie smoochies Tess, Coal & Roxy xx


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