Cute Coco

 Coco is one of the girls with Staffie Smiles Rescue just now. She is currently residing in kennels and is coping but would dearly love a couch of her own!


Coco is shy at first and quiet fearful of new things but once she gets to know you her playful character shines through as long as things are taken at her pace – slowly and calmly.


Same goes for meeting other dogs, as long as introductions are done slowly she’s fine. Coco has lived with an older male bully with no problems and living with another dog will help boost her confidence and give her company.


Coco could live with older children, again with slow intros. She needs time to gain confidence in new situations. Coco and cats is a no go.


Like every Staffie I have ever met, Coco adores cuddles and human attention once she’s got to know you.


Don’t let her sticking out her tongue fool you, she is a very obedient girl and loves to please.


Coco will flourish in a calm home environment.


Coco adores long walks, playing, food, cuddles and chillaxing!


Coco can be left home alone and is happy to be crated if needed.


Coco is a curious girl once she has settled


And did I mention absolutely gorgeous?!

She would love a nice peaceful home and humans that will further socialise her to help her confidence issues and would benefit from dog training classes. 

Coco is approximately 3 years old and has been speyed, microchipped and vaccinated already so is ready and waiting for her forever home, are you looking for some Coco in your life? 

If so and you reside in Scotland, please click this link and you can read the adoption process and fill out the application form.

You can also peruse the other Staffies in the care of Staffie Smiles Rescue that need to find their forever home

Please help Coco find her adoptive family by re-blogging, sharing and retweeting let’s help find her the home she greatly deserves xx


Your 2 pence is welcome here

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