Terrific Tyler


Tyler really is a terrific boy! He is currently in kennels and is doing ok but would really prefer to be in a home either a foster or a forever home, preferably the latter. 

Tyler is 7 years old and already neutered, microchipped and vaccinated

Here is a video of him walking at the kennels this was his first meeting with the other dog so the muzzle was used only as a precaution but Tyler didn’t need it. He has been further tested with dogs and gets on with them well.

Tyler is also good with kids but is, as of yet, still untested with cats. He loves his treats and is very gentle when taking them, somebody must want to sit beside this lovely man for the rest of his life!


Tyler is a joy while travelling in the car he just looks out the window watching the world go by, taking it all in.


He loves his walks, just look at the smile on his face


He loves to squiggle



And like all Staffies he adores snuggles and human interaction as you can see

His little party piece is he likes to suck your face and smother you in kisses! 

If you’d like to be on the other side of Tyler’s tongue and can offer either a forever or a foster home please click this link where you can read about the foster and adoption processes and fill out an application form then someone will contact you soon.


Fostering saves lives, adoption gives you a lifetime of loyal, loving companionship .

Please share this, retweet and re-blog he really needs to be out of kennel as soon as possible as Staffies crave human interaction and get bored easily in kennels and Tyler will make the greatest furiend to one lucky person….is it you?


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