Sunny day

The day started off like this, until we noticed the sun was out!

We had sun today! Which normally wouldn’t be unusual at this time of year but this year it’s struggled to stay dry all day with not only rain but hailstone showers in between small bursts of sun, so we made the most of it today and went a lovely walk

First we passed a burn and All 3 of us dogs headed towards it, me (Coal) and Tess were straight in, no qualms but Roxy was hesitant to get her feet wet, she was unsure of the water and kept looking for guidance from us and mummy, but never ventured in, just walked on the stones!        

So we carried on and we got a run around on the grass until we came across some lovely planting of daffodils that were still in bloom so it was back on with the leads so Mummy could take some photos without us running about and squashing the flowers!

So here are the Staffy’s in the daffy’s!


 Then on the way back there was some posing done but not by me (Coal) cause me a boys boy! Posing’s for girls…..


When we got home mummy made some anti pull head collars


Then made Roxy and me model them


We played while Mumsie sewed and for the second day in a row she came through to us all sitting on the couch looking guilty about the mess we’d made with our toys

Then we had a play in the garden 


While mummy customised Roxy’s bowl with her initial, now she’s staying forever, to match ours

 Then snuggles on the couch 


And that was our day, hope you all had a fanstaffietastic  day too

Lots of Staffie smoochies 

Coal (and Tess & Roxy) xxx


6 thoughts on “Sunny day

  1. OMG! Vicky, I am such a big softie. I am sitting here with bloomin tears in my eyes – That photo of Roxy smiling, she looks so damned happy!! And she has her own initialled bowl……awww. I love that pic of Roxy and Tess together on the settee!! Great post!! So good to see them all – and you – so happy (((hugs))) xx

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