Pawpost Box – May Review

well this months pawpost box arrived yesterday and what a change in Roxy! As you may know if you’ve read Roxy’s foster updates, she is fearful of men and children although she has made huge progress on this but this was such a huge jump forward – the delivery man, who she had never met, put his hand out to pet her and she ran towards him and jumped up on his leg to get petted a complete stranger and she was all over him! Every time I called her back she would come back only to return to him seconds later the poor guy couldn’t get out the garden for her, Tess and Coal but he was thoroughly enjoying himself!

Anyway back to the Pawpost box! This months goodies were three lots of treats, a travel bowl and a plush rope toy so I will start with the treats

Firstly we have the monthly recurring supply of Beautiful Joes dried liver treats not much more that I can say on these that I haven’t said in earlier reviews as it is delivered each month. I do love the ethos of this company though as for every pack of dried liver treats purchased they donate a pack to a rescue and the dogs all adore dried liver so it saves me drying it out for them, which stinks the house out lol I also love the size of these treats as perfect for high reward training treats

Next up we have Dukes Organic pup treats which are hand made with 100% organic ingredients. The treats are dehydrated rather than cooked to preserve the natural enzymes and essential nutrients that your pet needs for immunity and digestion. The treats can be used as daily rewards or crumbled and sprinkled over your dogs food to help maintain health and promote longevity. The ingredients are clearly labelled on the back of the packet which are as follows – carrot, sweet potato, Apple, pear, celery, cucumber, coconut oil, Apple cider vinegar, chia seeds, B12 yeast, peanut butter and ground linseed so has extremely beneficial ingredients. The treats themselves are quiet large so I was able to split each one into three. Tess ate it no problem as usual, but both Coal and Roxy were skeptical and only ate them when they realised they were getting nothing else! I am going to crumble them over their meals tonight to see if they find them more palatable that way they both seemed to enjoy there’s treats once they started eating them so maybe just the smell they don’t find too appealing! And they did look for more once they’d finished eating them!

The final treats received this month are Thrive 100% white fish fillet training treats. These come in a handy cylindrical tub that’s lid pops off easily with one hand so perfect to keep in your pocket. It says on the tub that these are specially for puppies and all small breeds and I think this is only due to the size of the individual treats but they are perfect size for training with so I’d say suitable for all breeds. The treats themselves are 100% freeze dried white fish fillet and nothing else. All the dogs love these so much so that when the pawpost box arrived and was first opened Tess grabbed this tub and ran away with it leaving a few teeth marks on it the smell must of been too enticing!


Now that’s all the treats done I’ll move on to the BecoBowl. I love this company as all their products are eco-friendly and most importantly non toxic. This bowl is no different, it is made from natural rubber and silicon making it durable and non toxic yet flexible enough to collapse to fit in any bag. This travel bowl concertinas flat so is compact enough to take anywhere which is great for long walks or to take on holiday/ camping. The one I received is a large size it doesn’t state how much it holds but it is deep so will certainly hold enough for meals and water. The added benefit of the concertina sides is that you don’t have to fully open it out if you want a shallower bowl so suitable for all breeds even those with long ears or short noses. It also has gripped handles for easy lifting.

Last but by no means least, in the dogs eyes is the plush rope duck toy by Rosewood. This has been a great hit with all the dogs and they have been playing tug with it and each other until they found the squeak now they’re just running around squeaking it and driving me nuts in the process! I always feel mean thinking that I wish they’d hurry up and burst the squeak as they love it so much! This duck has a rope neck and legs and the squeak is in the middle

This month Pawpost have also started advertising a dog from the charity All Dogs Matter, that they support, on the information card, that needs a new home. This month they are advertising Dominque who looks lovely if you want to contact All Dogs Matter you can give them a call – 02083413196

The dogs love when their Pawpost box arrives and I have a trouble opening it each month as they want in there first lol so it’s always a hit and this month is no different!

Pawpost is a monthly subscription box that you can sign up for for a month or longer. I pay the subscription and receive nothing for doing these reviews, all opinions are my own (& the dogs!) 


Your 2 pence is welcome here

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