Roxy has got her forever home!

It’s official!! Roxy has found her forever home and she didn’t have to look far……as she’s staying here with us! 

I got told yesterday that someone was interested in her and they had just passed their home check which made me burst into tears! I knew it was going to be difficult to let her go but when it came to it I just couldn’t!

I didn’t make this decision lightly as I wasn’t actually looking or wanting a third dog. In some respects it’s the hardest decision I’ve had to made but in the other hand has been the easiest!

I got a lot of helpful advice from people both involved in rescue and friends/family and I went though all the pros and cons so here they are –


I love Roxy

Tess and Coal love Roxy

Roxy loves Coal and Tess and me

Tess has never rough housed with another dog so would be cruel to seperate as Tess might not have ever had the chance to play like that again

Roxy is a sensitive soul and all the progress she has made with me would be lost and she’d be back to square one

Roxy has believed this to be her forever home since she arrived

Tess and Roxy are like long lost sisters and have a very close bond

Roxy gives Coal someone to interact with out on walks as Tess is so ball orientated and single minded that Coal would just end up chasing Tess chasing the ball but Roxy plays chase with Coal rather than focusing on the ball

Roxy has been no bother and fitted in perfectly to my wee family

I cried when I heard that someone was interested in adopting Roxy and Rixy came and gave me cuddles 


I wasn’t looking to own three dogs

I don’t know how my back will be in the future


Wouldn’t be able to continue fostering!!!

But the answers to the cons are as follows

1. I hadn’t looked to own two dogs but was a great decision with no regrets

2. I can only deal with what I know now as no-one knows their future could be hit by a bus tomorrow but can’t live in fear of the worst happening

3. You get discounts for three pets with my insurance company and one more mouth to feed doesn’t cost that much

4. Staffie Smiles Rescue nullified this issue by saying I can still do emergency fostering  which entails looking after the dogs for one or two nights which keeps them out of kennels and they can be assessed before going to their long term foster which also has the benefit of neither the dogs or me getting too attached!

 So there it is, my fostering stats aren’t great – 2/3 I adopted! Lol I did have a little wobble thinking about the future and my back but my dad pointed out that if it comes to me having to get a dog walker then I’d be doing that for Coak and Tess anyway so one more doesn’t make any difference. I had the wobble as I take this commitment very seriously and want the best for all the dogs and i believe this to be the best decision for the dogs as well as me. The main sticking point was not being able to foster as I love it but now that was alleviated there was nothing really holding me back!

I even got my crystal pendulum out and asked it questions like is it what’s best for Roxy, is it best for Tess and Coal, would it be a mistake to let her go and the crystal spun right each time which means yes, then my friend flipped a coin calling heads for Roxy to stay and three times it came up heads so the odds were stacked in favour!

So i would like to officially introduce Roxy as my newest family member! And look forward to the following years with her and to those that were interested inEixy I’d like to say sorry but she is off the market and going nowhere but there’s still plenty of other gorgeous Staffies needing homes so why not enrich your life and take a look at the available Staffies in their care –


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