what a stinking 20 hours I have had! On lasts nights walk as we were leaving the field, which leads onto an embankment which is ridged at both sides and the path continues along the top of the embankment, so we were walking along this path and the dogs were running around off lead, except Roxy, then I looked down and couldn’t see Coal which is unlike him not to be within sight so I shouted on him but still no sign again extremely unusual so I turned and walked back to look for him, the breeze in my face carried a rancid smell with it and immediately I knew Coal had found some poo to roll in and right enough there he was at the bottom of the ridge rolling in fox poo, which had got to be the worst smelling of all the poos, certainly much worse than deer, rabbit,cow or sheep although to be fair at least fox poo doesn’t turn your dog green like sheep and cows does. Anyway Coal had lumps of this stuff rubbed into his fur,  ear, head and his harness! So I gingerly put his lead on and put the lead on Tess and hurried up the road home gagging with the smell. Unfortunately I was in the minority as Tess and Roxy were loving it and rubbing themselves on Coal! Coal was very proud of himself strutting home and getting all this extra attention from the girls!


He wasn’t as cocky when they all went straight in the wet floor shower when we got home harnesses and all, as he had got the fox poo embedded into the side release buckle and I wasn’t touching that! So it was on with the rubber gloves and a good scrub on each dog which wasn’t easy with two of them trying to protect the one getting washed and them hiding under my shower stool! Needless to say they didn’t speak to me for an hour afterwards but tough they smell a 100 times better which wouldn’t be difficult! So drama over, harnesses in the washing machine and three clean dogs.

Then this  morning I put another washing on and hung it outside as it was dry for a change however that didn’t last long before the rain/hail came down so I went out to bring the washing in to continue drying when I found that one of my neighbours cats had kindly sprayed all over it so it needed to be re-washed! So I dumped it on the floor in front of the washing machine to put the pegs etc away only to return to find Tess and Roxy rolling in it,covering themselves in the scent! This time though the dry shampoo was enough to remove the smell rather than resorting to another shower as my back couldn’t cope with giving another one so soon! They say these things come in threes……I sincerely hope not!


5 thoughts on “Smelly!!

  1. PMSL – I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh, but it’s the image of the dogs enjoying smelling so stinky that’s made me chuckle. Why is that??
    My Boris came home one day covered in stinky green slime after falling in the drain across the road. He did NOT like being bathed. Few cats do. But then, I’m sure he didn’t mean to fall in and return home looking like a swamp monster LOL xx

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    1. Yeah I think dogs hate getting washed but cats really detest it! Well almost all cats I had a rescue cat that had all sorts of problems as his mum had passed on feline enteritis but he used to fall in the bath deliberately when you were in it but then he used to eat crisps out your mouth and try to jump through the window at the birds he was a bit thick really lol x

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  2. Kasper’s favourite poo to eat is fox poo…blegh!

    Zoey loves to roll in certain types of poo. She once rolled in cow poo and even after a sponge bath she was stained green!!

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